Recipe: 3 Ingredient Banana Protein Pancakes

A couple weeks ago I made an untimely mistake.

In an effort to simplify my life, I’ve been ordering my groceries online and having them delivered or waiting for pick-up. This has been working seamlessly as it keeps me on track with my budget, I don’t allow cravings to kick in and grab whatever ice cream is jumping off the shelf that day, and it generally saves me time.

Like I said, this was working beautifully until my last delivery.


Everything went as planned, or so I thought.

I had my proteins ordered. Veggies ordered. Complex and some simple carbs were on their way.

Now, I’m generally pretty good about getting enough servings of fruit in but for whatever reason I always order too much. Food waste makes me so sad, so throwing away moldy strawberries or withered blueberries is just heartbreaking.

I’ve pretty much given up on buying avocados because they’re so finicky.


Occasionally though, I am the finicky one.

You see there’s one fruit that I can only eat- for texture and taste- when it’s at a very specific ripeness. This fruit has to be firm, but not too firm and in order for me to enjoy it, it can have no discolorations.

There have great internet debates over the proper ripeness of this particular fruit. It is, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, the banana.

Well, I know bananas will only stay at my preferred ripeness for a few days and as I’ve mentioned, I hate food waste. So, being brilliant and eco friendly, I decided to order 4 bananas.


Just four. 4 singular bananas.

Within a few hours of ordering my groceries, a man appeared at my door with my bags. I began unpacking. Yep, the protein. Okay, the frozen foods. Yes, the simple carbs (swedish fish!). And… oh no…

Why was this one bag so heavy?

“Where are my banan–?” before I could finish the thought I peered into the questionably heavy paper bag and there, looking up at me with their yellow faces, curved into smiles like they also knew my mistake, were 4 giant bunches of bananas.

Each bunch contained 7 bananas.

That meant I had to get through 28 bananas.


Not happening.

Even with careful planning and timing, my boyfriend and I would have been sick off of the amount of bananas we’d have to eat before they turned.

Well, we ate what we could. And yes, eventually the bananas began to turn brown.

But determined to prevent food waste, it meant it was time to get creative with this overly ripe produce.

Here is my first recipe from the bananapocalypse.


These 3 ingredient banana protein pancakes.



Keep an eye out for some more banana-based recipes!

Xox Am

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