Recipe: Protein Cheesecake Nice Cream


You know, the time a couple weeks ago when I thought I was being thrifty and ordering 4 single bananas but instead ordered 4 bushels of bananas.

This mishap has given me the opportunity to explore new banana-based recipes. This one was, if I say so myself, most excellent.

Get this…

Protein. Cheesecake. Nice Cream.


Half the carbs, double the protein, and next to none of the fat of traditional ice cream.

What made it even more magical was the fact that these bananas were ripened and ready on the same day as the first big snow of the season here in NYC. So I was happily eating my Nice Cream as nearly 6” of snow fluttered to the streets below.



I hope your experience with this is equally as charming!

Xox Am

Oh! ProTip: put your bowl in the freezer while you make the Nice Cream. This will help the texture last longer.

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