Leg Day: Perform At Your Own Risk

Leg day workouts can be brutal and this one is no exception. Coach Amber couldn’t walk right for four days after tackling today’s 60-minute leg day workout. 

So, think you’re up for this challenge?

Let’s find out. 

⚠️ Leg Day: Perform At Your Own Risk ⚠️

Elliptical 15min @ 60% max effort 

To kick off today’s workout you’re going to warm up on the elliptical for 15 minutes while working at 60% effort. Try and keep your pace/effort steady. But don’t be a hero, it’s 60% for a reason.  However, because it’s a lower intensity, be strict about your form here- keep your heels on the pedals. This will ensure your glutes and hamstrings are the driving force in your stride- and after all, it is leg day. 

Goblet squat 5×10 with 25#

Alright, kicking off leg day are goblet squats. To perform this goblet squat stand with your feet hip width apart holding a #25 dumbbell vertically in your hands. Hold the weight close to your chest, brace your core, and begin the squat by pushing your hips backwards as if you were sitting in a chair. Go down as low as you can while keeping your chest lifted. Then, drive through the heels to press up.

Need some tips for squat form? Check this form post out!

**Repeat for 10 reps, five sets. During your rest periods (2-3 minutes) perform bodyweight calf-raises.**

Seated leg extension 3×12  with 30#

Leg day keeps on moving with seated leg extensions. For this exercise you will need to use the leg extension machine in your gym. Set the weight to #30. Then engage your core so your back doesn’t arch when extending your legs. Use your power to extend your legs and slowly lower the weight back down. 

**Repeat for 12 reps, 3 set. During your rest periods (2-3 minutes) perform bodyweight calf-raises.**

Walking lunges 100/leg* with Bodyweight 

This is maybe the cruelest finisher for leg day I’ve ever seen. Keep your chest up, don’t let your back knee hit the floor at your depth, and finish this leg day workout out with 100 walking lunges per side (yes, that’s a total of 200 walking lunges). No, I am not joking. Remember as your start to fatigue to engage your core, and drive through your front heel to stand. 

You’ve got this!

Once you’ve finished I highly recommend a walk as a cool down. This will help you move some of the lactic acid how of those poor noodle legs. 

So, did you survive? Do you want more killer workouts? Follow along every Wednesday for a free workout! And if that doesn’t get you sweating enough, check out Body Mechanics our program designed to provide workouts, nutritional guidance, and fitness education all designed to help you reach your specific goals. 

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