The All-Day Workout: A.K.A. “The Day Player”

One of the biggest obstacles for consistency in a workout is a perceived lack of time. But the truth is, studies have shown that cumulative workouts or an “all-day workout” (mini-workouts spread throughout the day) have similar results as continuous workouts (traditional 30-45 minute sessions.

Bottom line?

Something > Nothing.

Even a short workout is better than nothing when it comes to reducing mortality, getting stronger, and increasing cardiovascular health. 

The catch?
Each session of your all-day workout, will be fairly intense. 

The best part of this all-day workout is that you have three choices of moves to do all day long. This means that, technically, this is three all-day workouts in one post. You’re welcome. 💁🏻‍♀️

So, are you brave enough to try it? It looks simple, but I promise you, you’ll be feeling the burn. 

First things first, pick your poison:

Today you must commit to one move:




Did you make your pick? Remember, this will be the only move you will do in your all-day workout, so choose wisely. 



personal training for dancers




The prompt:

For this all-day workout you must complete 5oo reps within an 8-hour period. 

That breaks down to a little of 60 reps per hour OR 30 (ish) reps every half hour. This can be easily achieved by taking a 30-60 second break twice per hour. Yes, you’ll be moving quickly- just enough to tick that heart-rate up. 

So, you can either set an alarm to prompt you. Or, you can perform a set each time you go to a different room. 

However you do it, stay consistent with your sets and it will be easier to keep track of what number rep you’re completing. 

That’s all there is to it.

Truly, that is all there is to it. And before you scoff about the simplicity, try it and see if your legs, arms, or glutes aren’t sore the next day.  

Better yet, try doing squats Monday, Push-ups Wednesday, and Lunges on Friday. That will ensure that you’ve reached your workout goal for the week and you won’t ever stepping foot in the gym. 

Ready to up the ante?

Throw in a resistance band for any or all of these exercises. They are easy to throw in a backpack or in a desk drawer and can ramp up the challenge of any exercise easily!


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