(Hollow) Hold, Please!: A Quick Ab Workout for Dancers

Whether you’re looking for an abdominal finisher to your workout or only have 10 minutes before your audition group is called, having a quick ab workout in your back pocket is never a bad thing.

That’s why today’s Workout Wednesday post is designed to light up your deep core muscles and get you ready to tackle any challenge. 

Take this quick ab workout with you to auditions, pre-show warm-ups, or add it to the end of a lifting session for a brutal finisher. I promise you won’t want to miss out on this one. 

 The Outline:

For this quick ab workout you’re going to perform three exercises, then take a 20 second rest. 

To complete the workout perform 5-6 rounds. 




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Set One: Knees To Elbows x 10

For this exercise, set up as if you are going to do a Dead Bug, bracing your core in the same way. Here’s a “how to” for reference! The only difference is that you’ll hold your hands against your head, so your elbows are pointing toward you knees. 

Then, contract your abdominals to pull your elbows and knees together. Make sure you are actually engaging your core and not just rounding your shoulders and neck. A good cue for this is to imagine pulling your sternum toward your knees rather than your elbows!

Perform 10 reps then move on to the next set!

Set Two: Hollow Holds x 10

Next up in this quick ab workout is hollow holds! Lay on your back with your arms extended by your ears and your legs straight. Brace your core then, Martha Graham style, scoop your core to contract letting your shoulders come off the ground and legs lift. Hold here for three seconds, then release. 

Perform 10 reps then move on to the final set!

Set Three: Hollow Starfish Holds

Finally you get to live out your Patrick Star dreams! Lay on the ground in an X. Then, perform the same exact type of contraction as the traditional hollow holds to lift your limbs and shoulders off the ground. Hold this position for three seconds, then release. 

Complete 10 reps, then rest for 20 seconds!

Finish Strong!

Once you’ve completed 5 to 6 rounds you’re done and I’m sure your core will be screaming! 


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