Training Tip Tuesday: Mixed Grip Deadlift

Have you ever gone for a heavy deadlift and found that the thing holding you back is not your leg strength, but your grip strength? I want to enlighten you with the magical deadlift technique of the Mixed Grip Deadlift!

What is a mixed grip deadlift you ask?

A mixed grip is a form adjustment used to accommodate grip strength when deadlifting heavy weights. To perform, simply grip the bar with one hand pronated (overhand) and one hand supinated (underhand) on the barbell. Then, perform your deadlift as normal.

Can’t quite picture it? Check out this video for a demonstration!

Using a mixed grip is great when you are still working on your grip strength but want to continue to challenge your lower body. It’s also a great tool when lifting Personal Record weights. This is because the alternating grips creates torque and prevents the barbell from rolling in the palms. 

Many dancers find a mixed grip deadlift to be a great option since their lower body is so strong but grip strength doesn’t come as naturally for them.



personal training for dancers



However, use mixed grip deadlifts wisely.

Alternate which hand is over hand and which hand is underhand to avoid creating muscle imbalances. Additionally, continue using a regular, overhand grip for lifts well within your grip strength. Both of these tips will ensure your grip strength continues to improve while allowing you to perform heavier lower body lifts. 

So, what do you think? Will you try a mixed grip deadlift next time you increase the weight on your deadlifts?

I hope you will! And If you do, let us know how it goes @Dancerswholift on Instagram and Tiktok.

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