Oh My, Quad! A Quad Workout For Dancers

Healthy, strong quads equal strong, healthy knees! Having strong knees as a dancer is imperative, and that’s why we are dropping this quad workout today!

Strengthening your quads has shown to improve knee pain and prevent injury. And while leg day is a wholistic approach to strengthening the entire leg, today we decided to give the quads some extra love. 

I warn you, you might be walking funny or using the railing to use the stairs after this. But I promise you, it’ll be worth it. 

You ready to get started on this quad workout?

Let’s Go!



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Oh My, Quad! A Quad Workout

The Set Up:

First things first, for this quad workout you’ll need a timer. If you have cranky knees, you may also want a yoga mat or cushion to put underneath your knees in a couple of these exercises. 

The name of the game is to keep moving every 30 seconds. 

Set the timer for 20 seconds, this will be your work time. Then, you’ll rest for the remaining ten seconds before moving on to the next exercise. 

You’ll do this non-stop for a total of 8 rounds. 

Think you can survive? 

The Exercises:

Kneeling pop-ups/stand-ups: 

Pick your poison for this one.  If you have problematic knees, opt for the stand-ups. 

You’ll start by kneeling on both of your knees with your hips over your knees. 

Then, using your arms for momentum, you’ll pop into a squat position and stand. 

Finally, return to kneeling position and repeat as many times as possible during your 2o second window. 

If you have crabby knees, instead of popping into a squat from kneeling, you’ll step one foot at a time into a low squat position before standing. 

Trust me, you feel the burn both ways!

**When your 20 seconds are up, rest for 10 seconds before moving on.**

Kneeling Hing:

Remember practicing hinges to the floor in Jazz class? This is sort of like that. 

From that same kneeling position, brace your core and ensure that your knees hips and shoulders are all in line. 

Then, reach your arms in front of you, shoulders down, and hinge from your knees as far backward as you can without breaking your form.

Squeeze your tush and engage your core to lift back up to the starting position. 

Talk about a quad workout, this exercise is killer.

Repeat as many reps as possible in your 20 second window. 

**When your 20 seconds are up, rest for 10 seconds before moving on.**

Half Side Plank With a Crunch:

For this exercise lay on your side like a mermaid with your knees stacked. 

Lift up your hips so you are in a half side plank supported by your forearm.

From here, crunch your top elbow and knee toward each other for as many reps as possible in 20 seconds. Don’t let those hips drop!

**When your 20 seconds are up, switch sides and perform for 20 more seconds. Then, rest for 10 seconds before moving on.**

Split Squat Jumps/Alternating Lunges:

Ah the last exercise in today’s quad workout! Well, as least for *this* round!

From a standing position, jump into the air and land in a split squat position (bent knee lunge). 

From the bottom of your lunge, jump up and switch legs in the air to land in the same lunge position but on the opposite side. 

If your knees aren’t up for this amount of impact, replace the split squat jumps with alternating lunges. 

To perform alternating lunges, simply step into a deep lunge then step your legs back together and repeat on the other side. 

For both exercises, repeat as many reps as possible within 20 seconds. 

**When your 20 seconds are up, rest for 10 seconds before restarting the entire circuit again.**


Help! I am having trouble picturing this!

Never fear, tune into this video to watch Coach Amber break down the form for each of these exercises!

Oh My, QUAD! I finished the quad workout!

How do you feel? Surprisingly spent for such a quick workout, right? 

If you stuck with your timer, you should’ve completed that workout in just 20 minutes!

Not bad!


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