Who Is Body Mechanics For? A Resistance Training Program for Dancers (and Beyond!)

If you’ve been following Dancers Who Lift on socials or reading our blogs, you’ve likely heard us talk about Body Mechanics – one of our resistance training programs for performing artists.

Dancers Who Lift was founded to provide top tier resistance training programs for dancers at a time when weightlifting for dancers was…*controversial.*  

But nowadays we know that resistance training has insane benefits for dancers. And over the years we’ve grown and changed our offerings here at DWL to fit our growing community’s needs. 

That’s why we wanted to do a deep dive into Body Mechanics (our newest program) over the next couple of weeks. 

This week is dedicated to who Body Mechanics was made for. 


Dancers & Performers:

While “Dancers Who Lift” is our name, we’re dedicated to serving multi-passionate performers. From dancers-in-training, to professionals, to art educators, and the retired, this program was specifically designed with you in mind. 

The entire team at Dancers Who Lift are either working or retired performers themselves. This means they understand the unique stresses, pressure, and lifestyle that comes along with being an artist. 

In fact, thats why Body Mechanics was created. 

In addition to programming resistance training and providing nutritional guidance, Body Mechanics is focused on improving stage skills (like jumps, turns, and extensions). 

But here’s the kicker,  it was also designed to have a modifiable intensity, scheduling, and gym availability. 

This means, if you’re on tour and can’t get to the gym, Body Mechanics has a solution for that.   

If you’re in the final week of rehearsals and your body is wrecked, Body Mechanics has scalable options for your workouts. 

Or if you’re in the throws of an insane week of auditions and side jobs, the Body Mechanics program can be worked around your schedule. 

Like I said, this program was made by dancers for dancers. In short, we get it because we’ve done it. 

And if you’re wondering why you should prioritize this type of training, well: 

“As an elite level athlete, a professional dancer, simply working out, or moving your body in an unspecified manner, MAY better your physique. But it will not improve your dancing or help you become a better, stronger athlete. Training takes skill, precision, and focus. Working out is a broad, vague, cover-all term (Amber Tacy, DWL Blog).”


Training in the Body Mechanics program provides guidance from fitness and performance experts through all things, cross training for dancers as well as nutrition and tracking your macros.

But you’ll also gain skills to improve your relationship with food and build healthy rhythms to support and maintain your busy lifestyle. 



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Dancers, actors, and gymnasts! Oh, My! 

Vocal athletes, Ice Skaters, and Aerialists- so, high!

Okay, okay, but all jokes aside, Body Mechanics is more than just a resistance training program for dancers.

If your goals include moving faster, improved flexibility, preventing injury, enhance balance, and unshakable confidence, then the Body Mechanics program is definitely for you. 

Dancers are athletes.  And while dancers have specific training needs, those needs aren’t exclusive to dancers. 

After all, even football players are recommended to take Ballet to improve certain aspects of their fitness. 

So yes, all athletes are welcome and all athletes can benefit from this resistance training program. 

All athletes can benefit from our nutritional experts. 

And all athletes can grow through our holistic approach to fitness. 


Human Beings

At the end of the day, here at Dancers Who Lift, we want to build a community of hardworking, kind, inclusive humans with a core belief in the domino effect. 

We believe that when you’re empowered, you’ll empower others. And then they will go no to empower others, and so on and so on! 

That’s how we plan to change the world, and if you want to be a part of that chain reaction, we want you on our team!

All humans benefit from moving their bodies. 

Every human benefits from fueling their body well. 

And all humans can benefit from an encouraging community that holds them accountable to achieving their goals!


So, Are You In?

So, to recap, Body Mechanics was designed with performers in mind. But we believe it is beneficial for any athlete or human that wants to understand the why behind their resistance training program. 

We believe that arming you with a comprehensive understanding of fitness will empower you to achieve your goals. 

Body Mechanics is here to build your confidence by helping you jump higher, balance better, and improve your turns. And hey, if you reach your physique goals too, that’s a great fringe benefit!

If you’re curious about joining Body Mechanics, click this link to sign up today. 

If you don’t think Body Mechanics is right for you, check out this blog that outlines all the DWL offerings. You might just find your fit somewhere else in the Dancers Who Lift community. 

Either way, we hope you’ll keep following us here on the blog! Here we post free weekly workouts, training tips, and other helpful tips for reaching your goals. 

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