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“Waddling in a Winter Wonderland”: A Superset Workout for Dancers

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t get sweaty! This 21-minute superset workout is sure to get your blood pumping  no matter the weather!

Before we dive in, let’s take a second to explain exactly what a superset workout is. 

Defining Supersets

Supersets are a great way to make a workout more challenging, efficient, and decrease your time in the gym.

To perform a super set, simply perform the first round of exercise 1, then immediately move on to exercise 2 before taking your rest period. After your rest, return to exercise one. 

But be warned, supersets are not for the feint of heart! Keep your water bottle close, you’re going to need it!


Superset 1

Coming up first in our superset workout are bodyweight single-leg hip thrusts and kneeling push-ups. For this superset you’ll need a bench or a box and a yoga mat if you have cranky knees!

Bodyweight Single-Leg Hip Thrust 3 x 15 each leg 

For this exercise you’ll want to set up on a bench as if you were performing traditional hip thrusts: placing the bottom of your sports bra where along he edge of the bench. Lift your hips and adjust your legs so that you’re legs are at a 90-degree angle. (Y^ou should look like a tabletop.)

Engage your core and lift one leg off the ground. Now, slowly lower your hips then squeeze your glutes to press back up to that table top position. Repeat for fifteen reps, then switch sides. When you’ve completed both sides, move on to the kneeling push ups. 

Kneeling Push-Up 3 x 20

Get yourself onto your mat and lay face down. Place your hands so your thumbs are in line with your armpits, legs together. Keeping your shins on the ground, press your body up. Before you begin, ensure your spine is in alignment and your core is engaged. Lower yourself down slowly stopping just above the floor and push back up with power. Repeat for twenty reps. 

**Rest between sets: 2-3min**

Superset 2

Next up in our superset workout are single-leg sliding leg curls and v-sits! For these exercises you’ll either need a slipper floor and a sock or workout sliders. 

Single-Leg Sliding Leg Curl 3 x 10 each leg

For this exercise, lay on your back. Press up into a glute bridge and brace your core. Slowly slide one leg out until it’s straight, keeping your hips lifted. Then, curl it back into the bridge position, again keeping your hips lifted. Repeat for 10 reps. 

Feeling too easy? Try the exercise from a single leg bridge. After you get into the bridge position, lift one leg. Keeping that leg lifted continue the exercise as previously instructed. 

V-sit 3 x 10

V-sits! For this exercise it’s important to remember to keep your lover back long, but not arched. To ensure this, brace your core, and when you lift up into the “V” position, imagine scooping your lower abdominals back and up and keep your chest wide. Perform ten reps. 

Tip: You can perform these with your knees at 90-degrees or with straight legs for an added challenge.  

**Rest between sets: 2-3min**

Superset 3

Finally we’ve reached the last superset in our superset workout! This superset will feature bodyweight squats and passé planks! All you need is your body and the floor. 

Bodyweight Squat 3 x 30

To set up your squats, stand with your feet hip width apart, bracing your core push your hips back as if you are sitting in a chair. Drive up through the feet as if you are pushing the floor away. Repeat for thirty reps.

Still feeling unsure about your squat for? Take a look at our “Squat Tips” highlight reel.

Passé Plank  3 x 15 each leg

Passé planks sound complicated, but they are pretty much exactly what they sound like. Get yourself into a plank position on your hands, not your forearms. Keeping the hips and spine quiet, developé into a passé and extend out to the side then back to your plank position. Repeat for fifteen reps, then switch sides. 

**Rest between sets: 1-2min**


And just like that you’ve finished your superset workout! Isn’t it amazing how much work you can fit into a twenty minutes when utilizing supersets? Just be sure to give your body extra rest today so your muscles can recover from the extra effort!

Want more workouts? Check back every Wednesday for a new, free workout! And if that doesn’t satiate your need to move, take a look at Body Mechanics, our personal training program designed to teach dancers everything they need to thrive. 


Get Strong Anywhere: The Best Travel Workout Equipment for Busy Dancers on the Go

The thing about being a professional dancer is, you are constantly being asked to perform your best no matter your surroundings or external circumstances. From buses to planes. From high altitudes and frigid climates, to hot humid outdoor stages. 

It’s amazing how much we put our bodies through. Half the time, dancers aren’t even provided a gym to keep their bodies primed for the demands of their shows. 


What’s one way I’ve found to combat all of this craziness?

Having a stash of the best travel workout equipment in my bag. 


It may sound simple, but knowing I have everything I need to get in a good workout or recovery session before and after my shows takes away a lot of my stress. 


In fact, having the best travel workout equipment in my bag has come in handy so many times I decided to make you a little shopping list. 

Use this guide to the best travel workout equipment the next time you’re headed on a contract and I’m sure you won’t miss a beat – no matter the accommodations! The best part? None of them will weigh down your suitcase! These are all airline weight-requirement approved!



Free 5 Day Turn Course dance workout




Long Bands: 

Long workout bands have been the secret sauce to home and hotel workouts for ages. From pull-downs to deadlifts, these workout bands will allow you to keep up your resistance training even if you don’t have access to a gym. 


This brand is high quality and comes with a handy travel bag!


Short Bands: 

Like long workout bands, short workout bands are also a staple of the “gym-less workout.”

Banded side steps, band-resisted knee drives, seated hip abductors, lat pull-downs, and bent-over rows are just some of the exercises made possible by these little guys. 


This brand also comes with a travel bag and is super lightweight despite its versatility!

*Hot Tip: throw these in your dance bag for a pre-barre arm and back blast!*


Travel Yoga Mat: 

This might sound excessive when you *could* just throw a towel down. But take it from someone who has had to warm up on concrete, a little padding can go a long way in keeping your body feeling its best. Not to mention keeping your towels (and body) off of hotel room carpets!


This travel yoga mat is grippy, has adequate padding, and folds up easily into a suitcase. No more carrying your yoga mat on your dance bag exposed to the airport elements! 



Where are my pilates and ab workout junkies? These sliders will expand your options for core and stability work exponentially. Pike ups, hamstring curls, bear plank tucks, and sliding lunges, are all possible on nearly any surface with these lightweight sliders!

Throw them in your dance bag for warmups or add them to your hotel workout session for a tough finisher the opportunities are endless! 


Shaker bottle/water bottle combo:

This list of the best travel workout equipment would not be complete without this shaker bottle.

Why? Because this shaker bottle does not require a metal agitator, making this the *perfect* shaker bottle for any performer. 

No more careful sips backstage trying not to make the metal ball clatter. No more carrying around a shaker and a water bottle. When you’re done with your protein rinse, and refill without the worry of being noisy backstage. Want to have your pre-workout backstage? No worries there!


Bonus? This shaker is stainless steel, which makes it easy to wash and staves off that yucky protein powder stink that tends to get stuck in plastic. 


Sink Plunger:

Don’t laugh at me, but I always have this collapsable sink plunger in my dance bag. It’s lightweight and the recovery it offers my muscles is unmatched!

While foam rolling can be helpful in some ways. If a muscle is especially exhausted or overworked, sometimes the last thing it needs is to be smashed against something to loosen up. 

This sink plunger offers gentle suction, not dissimilar to cupping, that offers excellent myofascial release. 

You can use this on your IT band, thighs, and calves, really anywhere you can safely reach or have a friend reach. Simply suction the cup onto the muscle, then gently slide it along the muscle to create a release. 


This can also be used on cranky knees for decompression! Suction the cup around the kneecap then, gently, lift for a couple of seconds and rest. Repeat three or four times and follow with hip and thigh stretches for blood flow. 


Your body!

It wouldn’t be a list of the best travel workout equipment if I didn’t mention your body. That’s right, your body is one of the best tools you have. Harvard Medical School loves bodyweight workouts, and when compared to other workouts felt bodyweight sessions had too many perks to ignore! 

Not only is it convenient, but it’s incredibly effective. You can’t just remove a five-pound dumbbell from your body, but you can adjust the exercise to suit your level. 


On top of that, bodyweight workouts tend to be chock full of functional moves that only increase your quality of life, let alone your technique. 

Going for walks, jogs, and even gentle stretch sessions will make a huge difference in your mindset and physical capabilities when you’re on a contract away from home. So don’t discount this amazing tool that you live in!

Well, that’s our list of the best travel workout equipment for dancers on the go. What did you think? Even if you bought all of these, you wouldn’t even fill a backpack! (At least not the way we dancers pack our bags!)  


On top of that, the workouts you could build with these tools are endless. And if you ever aren’t feeling confident about building a travel-style workout on your own, reach out to us! Between the Body Mechanics Program, Embodied Artist Academy, or our Workout Wednesday blogs, we would love to point you to the best resource for your needs. 

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Stability Burn: A Dumbbell Workout

After you’ve been lifting weights for awhile it can be easy to focus on barbells and heavy lifts. But a dumbbell workout can shift which muscles bear the most activation within the same muscle group! What does that mean? It means that utilizing barbells and dumbbells in your training can help you build well-rounded muscles – no pun intended!

That’s why this Wednesday, our workout of the week is dumbbell and stability focused!

The best part? Today’s dumbbell workout will take you less than 25 minutes!

Let’s get started!


Dumbbell Step-Up: 3 x 10 each leg

For this exercise you’ll need to grab a pair of dumbbells and a bench. Face the bench with your dumbbells in hand and step up onto the bench with your right leg. Make sure your leg fully extends before bringing your feet together. Then, with control, step back down (backwards) with your left leg.

Repeat for 10 reps, then perform on the other side. 

**Rest between sets: 2-3 min.**

Superset 1

To perform a super set, simply perform the first round of exercise 1, then immediately move on to exercise 2 before taking your rest period. 

Dumbbell Seated Shoulder Press: 3 x 12

Four our first superset of this dumbbell workout, you’ll be performing Shoulder Presses and Deadbugs back to back! Get ready to feel that core stabilize!

For this exercise take a seat on a bench and set it up so you have back support. Grab a pair of dumbbells (*note, you will be lifting these overhead.) Sitting on the bench plant your feet and brace your core. Lift the weights so your arms are making a right angle, elbows level with your armpit-this is your starting position. On an exhale, press the weights overhead keeping your shoulders down. With control, lower the weights back to the starting position. Concerned about your form? Check out these tips for Should Presses!

Repeat for 10 reps, then immediate move on to Deadbugs!

Deadbugs:  3 x 20

Lie on your back on the floor, or a mat, if that’s more comfortable for you. Then, gently bend your knees placing your feet about a foot from your glutes. Next make sure your entire spine is maintaining contact with the floor by firmly exhaling out into the front, back, and both sides of your body– and don’t forget to engage your pelvic floor! Maintain this neutral spine while lifting your shoulders off of the floor by reaching your arms straight up toward the ceiling and lift your legs up, bending your knees so your shins are parallel to the ceiling. Now, move your right arm so it’s parallel with your ear. At the same time extend the left leg so it’s parallel to the floor. Return to center and switch sides. 

Repeat for 20 reps. 

**Rest between sets: 2-3min, then return to Dumbbell Seated Shoulder Press.**

dead bugs

Superset 2

Plank Walkout:  3 x 12

The next superset in our dumbbell workout begins with a plank walk out. For this exercise begin standing with your feet hip width apart. Simply roll down through your spine to the floor. Then, walk your hands out to a plank position and walk them back. Keep your core engaged this entire time- no arched  or curved backs!

Repeat for twelve reps, then immediately move on to Dumbbell Glute Bridges.

Dumbbell Glute Bridge: 3 x 20

Lay on your back with your knees bent, heels just out of reach of your fingertips. Place a dumbbell on your hips. (If this is painful wrap a towel or barbell pad around the weight). Then, squeezing your glutes, curl  your pelvis toward the ceiling. Make sure to keep your knees stable and not to arch your lower back!

Repeat for 20 reps.

**Rest between sets: 2-3 min., then return to plank walk outs.**

Lateral Band walks: 2 x 20

Finally we’ve reached the end of our dumbbell workout and, ironically, we are not using dumbbells! However these lateral band walks will get those abductors firing like nobody’s business! 

Place the band just above your ankles. Pressing your legs outward to ensure your knees don’t cave in, take small controlled steps to the side.

Repeat for 2o reps and switch legs. 

**Rest between sets: 1-2min**

And just like like you’ve finished this week’s dumbbell workout! You should be feeling strong and stable after that workout! Annnnndd maybe a little sweaty!




personal training for dancers



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Turkey Legs: A Five Minute Holiday Workout

Happy Holidays! It’s that time of year again and it’s no surprise to anyone that gym time can be a struggle when traveling or celebrating the holidays. But a holiday workout not only does wonders for the digestion of those big meals, but goes a long way toward maintaining your progress during the holidays. 

So, while your pie is baking and your turkey is roasting, give this five minute holiday workout a try.


Turkey Time!

For this holiday workout, you’ll perform each of these exercises consecutively, rest for thirty seconds, then repeat for three total rounds. 

Woof! Don’t forget to breath!

Curtsy Lunge, 20 each leg

Starting us off strong is the curtsy lunge. To perform this move instead of lunging backwards, as you would in a reverse lunge, cross your leg behind your front leg, and curtsy down. (Unlike a real curtsy, don’t bow! Keep your chest lifted.)

Complete twenty reps on each leg. Then move on to the next exercise immediately.

Quadruped Hip Rainbow, 20 each leg

For this exercise, get on all fours. Brace your core and let your shoulder blades glide down your back so your spine is supported. Then, extend one leg behind you. Maintaining your core,  lift your leg  to draw a rainbow up and over (behind you) with your toes, back and forth. 

*Tip: Make sure to keep your hips even while you “rainbow” for full core engagement.*

Repeat for twenty reps on each leg before moving on to the next exercise. 

Frog Pump 30

For the Frog Pump, lay on your back and press the bottoms of your feet together letting your knees fall open. In this position, brace your core and close your ribcage. Then, using your glutes and lower abdominals, curl your pelvis to the ceiling. 

Repeat for thirty reps. 

Squat Pulse 30

Talk about time under tension, we’ve got an isometric hold with a pulse!

For the squat pulse, go about three quarters of the way into your squat. From here perform thirty small upward pulses. 

*Tip: make sure your knees stay over your toes and don’t drift into a knock-kneed position.*

Quadruped Fire Hydrant 20 each leg

For our final holiday workout exercise we have the Quadruped Fire Hydrant.

This exercise is performed exactly how it sounds. Get on all fours, again bracing your core and letting your shoulder blades glide down your back. 

Then, maintaining your core, lift your leg as a dog utilizing a fire hydrant. Return to all fours. 

Repeat for twenty reps on each leg!

Circle back!

Once you’ve complete each of these exercises, rest for thirty seconds before circling back to the top for round two!

You’ll complete three total rounds of these exercises to complete the workout.



personal training for dancers



And just like that you’ve complete the five minute holiday workout. It’s sure to keep you from feeling like a couch potato this holiday season! 

If you liked this workout, consider our Dancer’s Who Lift Black Friday special. The special thing about Dancers Who Lift is that we recognize the ups and downs and ins and outs of life.

We believe that you can make progress toward your goals and enjoy the holidays with your family. 

We believe that food freedom helps you reach your fitness goals faster than restriction and have seen it have lasting success.

At DWL we believe that giving people the tools to make informed choices when eating and working out builds a healthy lifestyle, rather than a cycle of dieting on and off.

We believe in building strong dancers who love themselves. 

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A Full Body Thirty Minute Workout (A.K.A. Perfection!)

Sometimes an hour at the gym is just not possible-especially when you factor in time for a post-workout shower! That’s why we’ve made this thirty minute workout. Because longer is not necessarily better, especially when your workouts are focused and purposeful. 

So, give this full body, thirty minute workout a try and get in and out of the gym efficiently. (Without sacrificing any quality!) 


Dumbbell Glute Bridge 3 x 20

Kicking off this thirty minute workout is the glute bridge.

To set up, grab a dumbbell and lay down on your back with your knees bent. Rest the dumbbell on your hips and, using your glutes and lower abdominals, slowly curl your pelvis up toward the ceiling until you are in a bridge position. Then, slowly roll through your spine to return your pelvis to the floor. Repeat for twenty reps. Three sets. 

**Rest between sets: 1-2min**



One of the easiest ways to challenge yourself during a short workout is super-setting! So, of course, during this thirty minute workout we are going to utilize two super sets!

What’s a superset? It’s simple really.

All “superset” means is that you will perform set 1 of exercise a,  then  immediately do set 1 of exercise b. After you’ve done a full set of each exercise, you will take your rest period. 

Supersets 1

Push-up 3x 12

The first exercise in our superset is push-ups!

Now, if you’re sitting here thinking, “I can’t do 12 strict push-ups.” That’s okay!

Start by modifying them; do them from your knees or with a wide foot placement. 

Push-ups can be challenging, so if you’re in pain, or unsure of your form, check out this quick reference for perfect push-ups!

You’ll do twelve reps of whatever modification of push-up suits your level, then immediately move on to the band pull apart. 

Band Pull Apart 3x 12

For this exercise, grab a light to medium band. We are targeting our back!

Grab the band in each hand and raise your arms so the band is parallel with your chest.

Keep your shoulders down and ribcage closed!

On an exhale, slowly pull your hands away from each other.  Then, with control, slowly bring your hands back in front of you. 

Repeat for twelve reps. Then, take a 1-2 minute rest before returning to push-ups. 

Superset 2

You’re almost done with your thirty minute workout! Are you feeling tired yet? Push yourself to finish strong; you’re almost there!

Dumbbell Single leg box squat 3x 10/side

For the dumbbell single leg box squat, you’ll want a medium weight dumbbell and either a bench or box. 

Stand in front of the bench, holding the dumbbell close to your chest. Extend one leg in front of you, and slowly perform a single leg squat until your tush gently touches the box. Press through your heel to return to standing. 

Repeat for ten reps on each side, then immediately move on to dumbbell single leg RDLs. 

Dumbbell single leg RDL 3x 10/side

For the single leg RDL stand with one leg slightly behind the other, with the weight in the same hand as the back leg. Then, slowly hinge from the hips, allowing the back leg to lift while the standing knee stays over the ankle. The weight should slowly skim your shin. Then, press your hips forward to return to standing. 

Repeat for ten reps on each side, then rest for 1-2 minutes before returning to single leg box squats. 

Not sure about your single leg RDL form? Check out this video for a quick reference!

Annnnd Done!

And just like that your thirty minute workout is complete! How do you feel? My guess is those muscles are pretty gassed!

If you liked this workout, tune into the dancers who lift blog every Wednesday for a new workout!

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Quick workout, thirty-minute workout

Full Body Blast: A Quick Workout For 30 Minute Windows

Listen, we get it. Sometimes the thing standing between you and your workout is time. Between getting to the gym, the workout itself and the post gym shower/refresh, sometimes it seems impossible. That’s why we have found it helpful to have a quick workout in your back pocket to get you in and out of the gym efficiently. 

Worried a quick workout might mean it’s too easy? Think again.  This full body lift will take you less than thirty minutes and is sure to keep you on track with your lifting goals. 

Let’s get started.

Band Seated Hip Abduction

To set these up, grab a medium strength band and place it above your knees. Then, take a seat on the edge of a bench or box. Plant your feet hip width apart. Then, keeping your core engaged and spine braced, use your abductors to pull the band in opposite directions. This variation on a clamshell will have you sweating in a surprisingly short amount of time. 

Repeat for FIFTY reps, two sets.  (2 x 50)

(Yes, you read that correctly. Hey, in a quick workout we have to work efficiently!)

**Rest between sets: 1-2min**


This next set of exercises are a superset. This means you’ll finish set 1 of the first exercise and immediately move on to set one of the following exercise. After completing set one of each exercise, take your rest time. 

For your push-ups, choose the form that allows you to maintain the best form possible. 

You will do a set of 10 push-ups, then immediately move on to the corresponding set of Dumbbell Sumo Squats (see below). 

In total you’ll complete three sets.  (3 x 10)

Dumbbell Sumo Squat

For the dumbbell sumo squat you are going to stand and in a second position with your legs turned out slightly. (Think contemporary class). Then pick up your weight, and do a second position grande plié. Unlike regular squats, sumo squats work in a turned out position and rely on you moving up and down as if you’re in a toaster and don’t want to be burned. 

Repeat for 15 reps (3 x 15) 

**Rest between sets: 1-2min** (After your rest, return to push-ups!)

Want a form video? Check this out.

Band Pulldown

Watch out! This quick workout is throwing another superset atchya! Actually, supersets are a great way to maximize your gym time! Just make sure your exercises are working different muscle groups for maximum efficiency and efficacy. 

For band pulldowns you are going to take a light to medium band and loop it over something taller than you. Next  slightly hinge at the hips, and brace the core. Reach up to grab one band in each hand. Then, in one strong motion, keeping your arms soft but straight, pull your arms back until they are inline with your sides.  Repeat this for 12 reps and move on to your Glute Bridges!

You do a total of three sets! (3 x 12) 

Glute Bridge

For the glute bridge,  lay on the ground with your feet planted so your fingertips can just barely graze your heels. (or as close as you can to that!) Then, you’ll slowly squeeze your glutes and curl your pelvis up into the air making a slope from your knees to your head.  Make sure your abs stay engaged this entire time so your back is supported. In fact, a good cue for this is to think about scooping them back and up toward your spine as you lift your hips!

Repeat this for 20 reps. (3 x 20) Then take your rest before returning to pull downs.

**Rest between sets: 1-2min*8

Hip Thrust

Finally we have come to the last exercise in our quick workout! Finish strong, we’ve got an AMRAP! (As Many Reps As Possible) 

To se up your hip thrust, sit next to a bench with your knees bent. Lift yourself up so your sports bra line is in line with the edge of the bench. Then, lift your hips until your whole body is in a table top position. Slowly, drop your hips, keeping your upper body solid, like a board. (abs engaged, glutes squeezing!) Then thrust back up to the tabletop position. You can do this with or without weights depending on your strength level!

Go for as meany reps as you can with good form, then rest. 

Three sets. 

***Rest between sets: 1-2min***

And there you have it! A quick workout sure to get your blood pumping and, more importantly, ensure you get your workout in, even when you have less than thirty minutes!

For more workouts like this be sure to check out our blog for our Workout Wednesday Series and more fitness tips! Or, follow us on instagram @dancerswholift and tag us in a workout video! We love helping with form checks or even just cheering on your workout!

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