Inside The Groove Track, you are going to learn to transform your body and find your own unique groove so you can THRIVE as a powerful dancer.

Inside The Groove Track, you are going to learn to transform your body and find your own unique groove so you can THRIVE as a powerful dancer.

Picture this...

It’s 6am in a downtown dance studio and your stomach is roaring


Most people would have heard that noise and been fearful to see a baby Godzilla in the room, but you’re familiar with this same old morning scenario.

Just like 150 other performers with lululemon bras and high ponies dotted across the studio:

You have woken up at an ungodly hour…

Skipped breakfast (can’t look bloated on audition day)…

And hyped yourself up on caffeine in anticipation of the director (hopefully) accepting you into your next dance gig…

Booking this job means food on your table, it means you can make that FB post “Honored and excited to announce…” #bookedandblessed, and finally a feeling of accomplishment from the literal YEARS you have spent studying dance in preparation for this moment.

But you don’t have the job…yet.

You do a few plies to warm up, retouch your make-up in the mirror, and spend the last few agonizing minutes staring at the door that you will walk through to be accepted by the director…

…or rejected again.

Time creeps by until they finally call your name - mispronounced but whatever - to join the group of dancers heading into the room

Deep breaths...

Anxiety and your baby Godzilla hunger pains well up in your stomach

…But you shove them down and keep your cool as the choreographer assembles you and 30 other women in a straight line.

You take a deep breath and silently scream to yourself, “Here we go!”

Like a scene from a horror movie, the room slowly goes quiet until all you can hear are the echoing footsteps of the director as she slowly struts up the line of dancers, inspecting each of you for weakness.

“Thank you.” The first dancer in the line crumbles in disappointment. She’s going home.

“Thank you.” Another dream stolen right in front of you.

“Yes.” O, thank goodness she gets to stay.

“Yes.” Another dancer accepted. Maybe you have a shot too?

The click of the director’s heels on the marley dance floor gets louder as she approaches you.

3... 2... 1...

Your turn. With cold unblinking eyes you hear the familiar words, “Thank you” from the director

A cold feeling of rejection hits you in the stomach like a punch.

Cut again? Really!? They didn’t even see me dance…

What follows is a river of emotion.

Shock. Anger. Fear. Sadness. Even more anxiety.

But you clamp your mouth closed and put a cap on the waterfall of emotion threatening to burst out of you. You need to keep it together until the director finishes her long walk down the line of dancers.

When you’re finally dismissed, you find yourself left on the sidewalk outside the studio with nothing but your broken dreams and hundreds of other disappointed dancers to keep you company.

Rejected again... A Dancer’s Tale

Believe it or not

this is actually a pretty common story for dancer’s everywhere

It happens...

They Get Rejected

I know this “Dancer’s Tale” well because I went through this SAME THING not many years ago…

And if you are reading this page, there’s a good chance YOU are probably familiar with this cold feeling of rejection that so many dancers have experienced.

That’s why today I’m going to tell you how hundreds of dancers I work with are stepping OUT of the typical “Dancer’s Tale” and booking their dream dance gigs by joining The Groove Track.

I’ll tell you more about what The Groove Track is in just a moment

Let Me Introduce Myself


My name is Amber Tacy

I’m a dancer, athlete, human, and I’ve spent most of my life studying dance.

Dance was such a big part of my life growing up that the first time I brought my boyfriend (now fiance) home, my dad insisted on showing my boyfriend a million pictures of me dancing around the living room in my light up tutu!

Sooooo embarrassing lol.

But it was not a surprise to anyone that baby light up tutu dancer me grew up to pursue a professional arts degree in dance

I was the perfect student

i had a tad bit of an obsessive personality when it came to being the best at EVERYTHING I did

That’s why when I started attending MaryMount Manhattan College in New York to study to study the finer aspects of professional dance…

…things didn’t go as smoothly as I thought they would.

I found myself passed over for performances time and time again with almost no explanation of WHY I was being left out.

My grades were flawless, I knew I danced well, I never missed a class…what could I be doing wrong?

I scheduled meetings with my professors time and time again without any of them ever giving me a real answer.

I only finally learned why I was being passed over one day before class when I was eating a banana and had my professor very snidely remark at me…

“Bananas are very fattening you know.”

It finally made sense...

You see, like most dancers

I had spent my whole life dancing because it was a form of emotional expression

At school I had to be the perfect student…

At home I was the model daughter…

At every job I’d ever had, I was a disciplined worker that always showed up right on time…

But when I stepped on the dance floor, I was able to become…something else.

I made connections with my audience…

I made friends with my fellow dancers…

And I would even go as far to say that I was able to connect deeper with myself both emotionally and spiritually through dance…

But that day after my professor essentially told me I was too fat to get a part in any of the school performances…that pure, unblemished love I had for dance was stolen from me.

After that...

dance was no longer a form of expression for me. Instead, it became an unhealthy obsession

Almost immediately after the event with my professor before class, I developed an eating disorder to trim down on my weight because I was terrified of being told I was too fat to perform again…

And after that, dance became just another class where hitting my marks was more important than how I felt when I was dancing.

But I am not the only dancer this has happened to.

Losing your childhood love for dance something that happens to a lot of dancers.

I call it... Hitting The Wall

You see...

Most dancers that fall in love with their art do so because it’s a form of expression that can say MORE than words can describe

A single performance can tell your audience a story of love, heartbreak, joy, pain, excitement, loss, thrill, or any other number of things.

As the dancer, it is your job to lose yourself in these stories and exist in the gentle eb and flow of dance like waves washing over a beach.

And when you truly lose yourself and find the groove in your dance, it almost feels like you can reach out and feel the heartbeat of your audience as you take them on a journey with you to lands unknown.

If magic exists anywhere on the planet, I would say the connection between a dancer and their audience is the closest thing to the magic we read about in fairy tales.


In my experience, and countless other dancer’s experiences I’ve worked with…

The magic of dance is all too often forgotten when you reach college and professional levels of dance.

Instead of emotional connection…

…dance is reduced to a rehearsed series of movements without joy, feeling, or connection.

Dancer’s starve themselves to “look the part”…

Dancer’s injure themselves time and time again from being overworked…

Dancer’s that LOVE their craft are passed over for job opportunities and performances over and over…

And eventually, a dancer’s feelings of joy are sucked out of them like a cold wind blowing the warmth out of a log cabin…

If you have ever felt this way about dance, you need to know…


Trust me...

There are dancer’s (nice ones) around the world who have gone through the same experience you have with dance

They’ve fallen in love with the performing arts as a form of emotional connection…and then had that love stolen from them the further along they got in their dance career.

It makes sense too.

When you are plagued by numerous injuries, demanding professors/directors, and being told you weren’t good enough time and time again to step on stage…

…it’s easy to have that young love for dance stolen from you.

But that DOES NOT have to be the way your dance career ends.

Keep an open mind

Let Me Remind You…

There are dancers in the world that actually ENJOY their dance careers.

Dancer’s are hired (and paid very well) to perform at concerts with Katy Perry, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Jason Derulo, and countless other celebrity sensations.

Some dancers make extraordinary amounts of money by simply filming their dances for YouTube or TikTok.

There are even dancer’s hired to perform on cruise ships as they travel across the world FOR FREE while dancing wherever they go!

Everywhere you look, there are dancers of every kind succeeding in extraordinary fashion AND actually enjoying the work they do.

And Today I’m Going To Show You How You Can Find Your Own Groove And Do The SAME Thing

And It All Starts By Reconnecting With Your Body And Your Craft

i Guess...

The easiest way to explain how to land your dream dancing gig (like I eventually did) is to tell you the rest of my story...

When I graduated college, I was still struggling with my eating disorder and knew I wasn’t going to get any “professional” dance job.

I was depressed, and no one wants a depressed dancer performing for their audience.

But Iwas lucky, and someone landed a part time dance gig as a scary forest nymph/fairy/ghost in the forest for a haunted tractor ride. #ModernDance

My job was to hide in the trees until some visitors on a tractor drove by, then I would pop out and scare them in a white unitard with face paint!

Yes…it was just as ridiculous as it sounds haha.

It was a dance gig...

but it was FAR from where I pictured my dance career actually taking me

I wanted to be on stages, I wanted to live in the spotlight, I wanted to travel the world!

But instead, I found myself in a white onesie sitting under a tree in the dark waiting for the next tractor to drive by so I could pretend to be some scary ghost thing…

Many of my classmates went on to land dream dance gigs.

I knew a girl that joined a prestigious dance company called Complexions.

Another that joined Parsons Dance Company.

And even others that booked cruise ships, national tours, and even Broadway shows within months of graduation…

But not me.

So I couldn’t help but ask myself…

“Did I Do Something Wrong?”

I was so confused!

I had done everything perfect my whole life

Perfect grades…

Model child…

I worked harder than anyone in the dance studio…

Yet here I was dancing in a forest having to work a second job at the front desk of a gym just to pay my rent.

I knew there had to be an answer somewhere out there that would allow me to accomplish my dance goals…

...I just had no idea what it was yet

And that’s when one fateful night dancing in the forest, I got my foot run over by the tractor

I couldn’t dance for the rest of the night and soon discovered I had ruptured my achilles tendon.

An injury this bad meant ZERO dance for the next 6 months at least while I attended physical therapy.

At the time I thought I was just cursed to never be able to dance at the high level I really wanted to…but getting my foot run over might have actually saved my dance career.

I Know That Might Sound Weird...

But Let Me Explain...

When I wasn’t working as a ghost in the forest, I was working at the front desk in a gym where I had a lot of down time

My only job was to check guests in on the computer and answer the occasional question once or twice a day. So when I wasn’t busy, I spent my time reading hundreds of fitness articles on how the human body works.

These articles ranged from unique fat loss techniques, to proper nutrition in your diet, to how to properly do certain exercises for maximum results.

Let be clear, I was NOT a weight lifter by any means at this point in my life.

In fact, I remember my coworker convincing me to stay after hours and work out for me first time and it ended with me crying in the middle of the street outside the gym because I was SO bad at working out.

But soon it became glaringly obvious...

I was used to being so good at everything I did my whole life up until the moment I worked out for the first time

It was too much for my over obsessive personality to handle!

But that experience of learning about how the body works combined with me now attending multiple physical therapy sessions each week for ruptured achilles tendon opened my eyes to a new way of looking at my dance career.

I had always thought of myself as a “hard worker” that pushed through the pain…

But what I soon became glaringly obvious was that I had ABUSED my body for years by overworking myself in dance!

I had weak tendons in my ankles…

Muscle imbalances in my hips…

Tendonitis in my wrists…

Crippling back pain that made it hard just to get out of bed…

And countless other minor injuries that caused me daily pain I had just learned to ignore.

I was an accident just waiting to happen!

So basically...

it was no surprise to my therapists that my achilles rupture happened when I got run over by the tractor

So it was no surprise to my therapists that my achilles rupture happened when I got run over by the tractor.

I was a dancer, and dancers almost all get injured eventually because we are NEVER taught how to take care of our bodies.

And never being taught how to take care of our bodies is a huge problem that causes the DOWNFALL of so many dancer’s careers!

Most dancers are hyper-aware of how to move their body, but completely undereducated about how to keep their body healthy and functioning for long periods of time.


This is a PANDEMIC in the dance industry!

We are OVERtrained and UNDERrecovered

We are taught to SHRINK instead of using our own unique qualities to SHINE

We are UNDERfed and OVERworked

And I’ll tell you why this is such a big problem for dancers…

think about it this way

Do you think you are going to land your dream dance gig if you are injured?

If you get injured while working your dance dream dance gig, are they going to keep you on out of the goodness of their hearts?

Are you going to be able to put on your best performance at a dance audition if you are injured?

The answer to all these questions is “NO”.

You will NOT land your dream dance gig if you are injured.

If you get injured working at a dance job and can’t work, they will REPLACE you.

And if you are injured, you will NOT be able to put on a great performance at any audition.

There is no sympathy for injury in the dance industry.

But there is good news...

Any Dancer Can Overcome And Prevent “Career Ending” Injuries By Working Smarter Instead Of Harder

If I Did It, You Can Do It Too!

Over the 6 months that I spent in physical therapy, I slowly started becoming more aware of what my body needed.

It wasn’t long before I was back in the dance studio dancing better than I ever remembered dancing before!

My therapists took notice of how well I recovered and hired me to work at the physical therapy center to help other people overcome their injuries just like I had.

It was a perfect storm.

I was lifting weights after every shift at my gym job and spending time almost every day studying how to help other people, not only recover from their injuries, but also prevent future injuries.

it was around this time I started seeing a whole new path for me to take in dance

I finally figured it out

A path where I didn’t have to be injured 24/7…

A path where I wasn’t starving at all times of the day…

A path where my physique would always be desirable for directors and choreographers…

Maybe even a path where I would actually enjoy re-entering the dance industry…

And when I finally stepped foot back in a dance after months of physical therapy and workouts at my gym…

It changed everything

It Was Like Every Dance Opportunity In The World Suddenly Opened Up To Me

For the first time as far back as I can remember, dance felt effortless to me.

Instead of moving timidly to protect my joints, I felt STRONG in every movement I did.

But even more surprising to me was that dance felt…FUN.

I wasn’t concerned with matching the image of what a “perfect dancer” should look like.

I was in my own groove in my mind, so every movement and improvisation I made looked stood out to the choreographers.

My dance was more than just what the choreography asked for. I was unique and added a little piece of me to dance that desperately needed some personality.

And before I knew it...

my life had changed

I had more offers to dance professionally that I had EVER HAD BEFORE

I performed off Broadway…

I booked commercials, photoshoots, and even modeling gigs…

And finally, after years of wishing, hoping and working my butt off, I booked my DREAM JOB of dancing on a cruise ship around the world in 2018…

But I’m not telling you all of this brag…

I’m telling you this because I know it’s possible for you to do the SAME THING.


It All Starts With Transforming Your Body And Mind So You Can Find Your Own Unique “Groove”

You see, dance studios, colleges, and even some professional dance instructors focus on fitting their dancers into a perfect “mold” of what they think you should be.

The problem with this is that the most powerful tool in any dancer’s arsenal is their uniqueness.

What makes you stand out from the crowd?

What allows you to connect with your audience?

How does your dance allow you to express your emotions?

And…is your body strong enough to AVOID injury so you can consistently put on great performances?

These are questions that EVERY high level dancer asks themselves.

When I built a stronger body and STOPPED worrying about how perfectly I fit a certain “mold”…

I was able to step back and let my uniqueness as a dancer shine through.

As soon as I finally got out of my own way, my dance career blossomed into more than I ever could have hoped for

Believe it or not

How Would Your Dance Career Transform?

Look into the future with me. How would your dance career change if:

take a second..

Just imagine...

Would you book more dance gigs?

Would you finally dance in your dream show?

Would you travel and dance around the world?

Would you meet celebrities and dance on stage?

Would you be featured on TV and on commercials?

Imagine this future for yourself. Close your eyes and think about how it would feel.

Hold this image in your head and know that this can be your future with the right guidance to help you reach your goals

But don’t take my word for it

just listen to these stories from other dancers I’ve worked with

If you want to make a transformation in your dance career just like these dancers have…

I’d like to show you the EXACT system myself and hundreds of my students have used to build unbreakable bodies and unshakeable confidence on and off the stage.


but first...

This Is NOT For You If...

This Is ONLY For You If…


The Groove Track

Im so exicted!

The Groove Track is my all encompassing program inside my “Dancer’s Who Lift” Community

I created this program because I got tired of seeing countless talented dancers fall into the trap of the typical “Dancer’s Tale” where you slowly fall out of love with dance and end your career on a sour note.


Inside The Groove Track, you are going to learn to transform your body and find your own unique groove so you can THRIVE as a powerful dancer.


What Is The Groove Track?

The Groove Track is made up of 3 pillars

Pillar #1 The Unbreakable Body Exercise System

Dancer’s have unique needs when it comes to building strong bodies.

While most athletes only need to be strong within a certain range of motion…dancers need to be strong through their ENTIRE range of motion.

100 meter sprinters need to move fast in one straight line…

Football players need explosive, fast, jerky movements to beat their opponent…

Swimmers need perfect technique and extreme endurance…

But dancers need all of the above!

Dancers need to be explosive and powerful… but also graceful.

Dancers need to have extreme endurance and perfect technique… but also the poise to convey emotion to their audience.

Dancers need to be able to move fast… but also maintain enough control to perform the intricate movements in their choreography.

Training your strength throughout your entire range of motion is what will eventually allow you to jump just as high as professional football and basketball players…except you will land with grace and elegance.

The exercises to build your dancer’s strength will be delivered through my exclusive Dancers Who Lift App.

In this app downloadable straight to your phone, you will get a three part exercise system.

Part One Of Groove Track Is...

ALL About Your Workouts

Some of the workouts you will find in this exercise system are common movements that you may be familiar with if you’ve ever been to a gym…but other workouts are more unique because they are built specifically for dancers.

This is why alongside every workout, you will have video demonstrations with me or my coaches with explanations to help you along the way.

This way you never get confused.

Part Two Of Groove Track Exercise System Is...

1-on-1 Access To Your DWL Coach

Inside the app you will have the ability to message me or other DWL coaches at any time of the day just like sending a text message.

This way you always have 1-1 access to me or my coaches if you need help.

We always reply to these messages within 24 hours on the weekdays and 48 hours on the weekends.

Part Three Of Groove Track Is...

one of the most important parts on The Exercise System, Which is progressive programming

As you go through The Groove Track, your body is going to change.

You will get stronger, faster, more flexible, and less prone to injury which is great!

But this means that we are going to have to change your program as you make progress.

Your week 1 workouts and your week 12 workouts will probably be completely different because of how much stronger you’ll get.

By using progressive programming, we will ensure that you are always improving your dancer’s body so you are ready for ANY audition.

Pillar #2 Your PND (Personalized Nutrition Directive)

The second key pillar inside The Groove Track is your PND (personalized nutrition directive).

One of the things that gets me most upset when I look back on my dance career is dance instructors telling me to “eat light” before class.

Because of this advice, I spent most of college dance days surviving on almonds as my only snack before dance class.

And dancers EVERYWHERE experience this.

Instructors want their dancers to be thin so they recommend starving yourself.

The problem is that, as a dancer, you are a professional ATHLETE.

Professional athletes cannot survive on almonds!!

You would never ask a professional football player to eat almonds the night before a big game, so WHY would you ask a professional dancer to starve themselves before class or a big performance??

If you want to be a high performing dancer, you CANNOT STARVE YOURSELF!

And that’s why we are going to build you your own PND (personalized nutrition directive).

Your PND will be customized to you and what your eating requirements are.

But when we build your PND I can promise you will NEVER be forced to starve yourself again.

In fact, if you’re like many of the other hundreds of dancers I’ve worked with, you are going to eat more food than you ever have and STILL maintain a slim, strong, dancer’s physique.

And don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you EXACTLY what to eat.

As we build your PND, I’m going to educate you more on HOW to eat food rather than WHAT specific foods to eat.

This way you don’t have to be strapped to a boring meal plan or “cleanse” for the rest of your life.

I want you to be able to EAT without baby Godzilla hunger pains following you around 24 hours a day.


Being able to eat your fill is fun…but not when your food tastes like eating tree stars from Land Before Time.

(If you’ve haven’t seen Land Before Time, you need to start watching immediately so you can relive your childhood and laugh at my joke lol)

You will get the tools to eat and train.

NOT starve and abuse your body.

Pillar #3 “Weekly Wrap Up” Email

Each week you will be sent an email from me to your inbox with something called our “Weekly Wrap Up” Email.

This email will include a story from me from that week that may be about our members wins, my dog playing in the snow, or just motivation from me to you to keep going.

But the part of the email that is most important for you will be your accountability questionnaire.

This questionnaire will have questions about how YOUR week went.

“Did your workouts feel ok this week?”

“Are you liking the foods in your PND?”

“Did you notice any changes this week?”

And other questions just like this.

This questionnaire will take between 5-15 minutes to fill out each week and send back to us.

By having you fill out these questionnaires, my team and I can consistently modify your program to work with you better.

For example, if you are traveling one week, we can modify your Groove Track exercises and nutrition to better fit your schedule.

This is everything you NEED inside The Groove Track

These 3 pillars are the EXACT things that hundreds of other dance students have used to get amazing results and excel in their dance careers

In fact...

This is just an improved system of the same method I used to transform my body after I ruptured my achilles tendon

By starting to exercise like a dancer, changing the foods I ate, and re-evaluating my progress every week…

I went from dancing in a forest in a white onesie…

To dancing off broadway and eventually booking my dream job on a cruise ship where I got paid to travel around the world and dance!

But, I’ve added a few super cool bonuses to The Groove Track since then to make your experience even better…

that's not all...

here are Your bonuses!

BONUS #1 Weekly DWL Private Masterclasses

One of my favorite things to do in the whole world is teach our weekly Groove Track Masterclasses.

Each week, you will be invited to a private online masterclass where I will be teaching LIVE coaching sessions and answering YOUR questions.

The topics we will cover in these classes may range from:

How to perform certain exercises to strengthen common “problem areas” for most dancers…

Why your body responds a certain way to different foods…

How to deal with dancer’s anxiety before big performances or auditions…

And sometimes we’ll just pop a bottle of wine and chat a little about life…

These masterclasses are ONLY available to members of The Groove Track so you get as much 1-1 time to ask questions at the end of every call as possible.

BONUS #2 Monthly Recipe Guide

Like I talked a little above, I have a bit of an obsessive personality.

Ok…maybe A LOT of an obsessive personality lol.

One of my biggest obsessions for the past few years has been cooking.

I LOVE experimenting with new foods that are both delicious and approved as a good source of nutrition for Dancers Who Lift like us.

Eating is great…but only when your food actually tastes good, right?


That’s why you are going to get a bonus 15 recipes sent to your email inbox each month for you to experiment with at your own pace.

My goal is for you to NEVER get bored of what you eat as a member of The Groove Track.

BONUS #3 DWL Fam Private Facebook Group

One of the biggest indicators of whether or not you will succeed doing anything in life is your accountability system.

If you have people around you consistently encouraging you to reach your dreams and goals, there is a good chance you will succeed at almost anything you attempt.

But if you don’t have a good accountability system?

It can be hard to make ANY change in your life at all.

That’s why the third bonus you will receive as a member of The Groove Track is the DWL Fam Private FB group.

In this group you’ll have access to me, my coaches, and EVERY OTHER MEMBER of the DWL community.

We are the nice dancers that encourage and support each other no matter what.

I encourage you to post in this group to introduce yourself to meet some of the dancers that could become your friends for life.

In addition to being able to interact with dancers from all over the world in this Facebook group, you will also see daily posts from me and my coaches to keep you moving forward.

BONUS #4 DWL Bible

This bonus is a true life changer.

Inside this bonus report is delivered to you immediately when you join and highlights EVERYTHING you need to know as a member of The Groove Track.

Frequently Asked Questions…

What to do if (X thing) happens to you…

How to use the DWL App to access your workouts…

Info on free monthly challenges…

How to win bonus prizes…

And so much more…

This will be your go to document as a member of The Groove Track.

“But Amber, What About Everything I’ve Always Been Told About Dance?”

I know...

As a dancer you are probably very familiar with people telling you:

“Dancers shouldn’t lift because it makes you bulky.”

“Don’t EVER overeat. “Prima-dancers’ live on a diet of caffeine and fruit.”

“Staying OUT of the gym will keep you from getting injured.”

“It’s not pain, it’s just a high level of discomfort.”

And not to mention all the people reminding you that you need a back-up plan if dance doesn’t work out.


Here’s the TRUTH…

99% of what you’ve been told about how to take care of yourself to have a successful dance career is WRONG.

Not to mention, dance IS a profitable career! Not a side job that you always need a “back-up” plan for.

Do you know why I chose to double major in Dance Arts and Psychology in college?

It’s because my entire life I had people telling me…

“You know dance isn’t a profitable career Amber.”

“If you get injured, how are you gonna make money?”

Would you travel and dance around the world?

Do you have a back up plan if your ‘dance thing’ doesn’t work out?”

“You have to travel so much as a dancer Amber! Don’t you want to settle down and have a family?”

“Are you sure you can actually make money as a dancer Amber?”

When nobody believes in you, it’s hard to keep your belief in yourself strong


I get where people are coming from when they say dance “Isn’t a profitable career."

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook handbook from 2004, only about 38,000 people across the country worked as full-time dancers.

Of those 38,000 people in 2004, the median earnings per hour for them was only $8.54. Or only about $23,000 per year.

Hardly a liveable income, especially if you live in a big city like New York where I live…

For the last several decades, dance has NOT been a well paying career.

But things have shifted dramatically in recent times…

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook handbook from 2019, dance is a career that is growing FAST.

In 2019 alone, there were about 16,900 OPEN dance opportunities available for new dancers to take advantage of.

Even more exciting was that the average hourly wage for an entry level dancer was hovering right around $19 per hour, or $43,776 per year.

But the more exciting part is that the experienced dancers and dance instructors that make up the top 10% of the dance industry get paid closer to $50 per hour, or $168,000 per year!


the myth that dance “Is not a profitable career” is just that...a MYTH.

There are countless opportunities open for you IF you know how to make yourself stand out in the dance industry.

Let’s go over a few of them now…

If you’re like me and LOVE traveling, you can book a dance gig on a cruise ship and bounce from island to island around the world!

Cruise ship dancers routinely get paid $3,000-4,000 each month ($36,000-$48,000 per year) but have ALL their lodging costs covered while they travel the world to tropical island after tropical island!

Plus, cruise ship dancers usually get discounts at most restaurants and activities on board.

What that really means is that your $36,000-$48,000 per year is free money you can put directly into your bank account for whatever you please.

You can pursue the “White Whale” of dancing and get booked ON (or off) Broadway.

The average Broadway dancer in New York earns a weekly salary of about $2,000 (roughly $96,000 per year).

And the great part about Broadway is they have performances of EVERY KIND available.

Comedy skit dances…

Fiction and fantasy dances…

Classical plays…

Bizarre performances that you never think of when you think of Broadway…


countless more for you to choose from…

Not to mention the option of joining the numerous dance companies that routinely perform in Las Vegas, LA, San Francisco, or any other number of places!

If you have your own unique groove and stand out as a certain kind of dancer, you can fall straight into an open role on Broadway (or many other prestigious dance shows around the world) surprisingly easily.

Now don’t get me wrong, you HAVE to work very hard to become a Broadway dancer. But it is very possible for anyone to do if they want it badly enough.

And heck, it’s important to remember that you can create your own dance career with social media these days.

Top social media dancing stars like Charlie D’Amelio get paid $50,000+ per post they put up on their social media, and she’s not even a professional dancer! (follow her on TikTok if you want to see what she does).

trust me

This Is Proof That Dance IS A Profitable Career

If your parents, teachers, friends, or mentors have ever told you that dance isn’t a profitable career, I’m here to tell you that’s just not true.

You can dance AND make a living in today’s world.

And I find that dancers and instructors who can stand out…

Who are unique…

Who are durable…

And who actually have fun dancing instead of just trying to “do the steps”…

Are the dancers who land the vast majority of open dance positions.

These are dancers and instructors that exist inside their own “groove”.

When you exist inside your own unique groove, it’s IMPOSSIBLE for people not to take notice.

I’ll be honest, somme people won’t like your style…

…but other people will do ANYTHING they can to brand their show with your unique spice of dance.

And existing inside of your own groove is what you’re going to learn how to do inside The Groove Track.

But just improving your dance career is not all The Groove Track can do for you.

How Would Your Life Change Inside The Groove Track?

I belive

Dancers who join The Groove Track are more than just dancers

Our tagline is “Unbreakable bodies and unshakeable confidence on AND OFF the stage.”

We are a community that can’t help but smile when we see sweaty post dance class look in the mirror…

We are a community that throws open the curtains of our windows each morning with a dramatic flair to greet our day with excitement…

We are a community who shines a light of positivity and happiness on every room we walk into…

We are a community that loves ourselves unconditionally…

We are a community that is strong in our bodies and in our minds…

And we are a community that is accepting of ourselves and the people around us…

Existing in your own groove is more than just a step up for you dance career. It can create new relationships and opportunities for you for the rest of your life.

So What’s Next?

If you are a dancer who wants to:

Find your own unique groove so you can stand out in every audition

Stop getting injured in every other rehearsal because you’ll have a stronger, more durable dancer’s body

And develop unshakeable confidence on and off the stage

Then click the link below to schedule a call and see if you are a good fit to join The Groove Track.

Frequently asked questions

Your Unbreakable Body workouts are tailored to you and your lifestyle.

Typically members of The Groove Track workout 2-4x/week and NO MORE.

It’s just as important to give your body time to recover as it is to workout.

What you eat is up to you.

I am going to teach you how to eat foods that your body needs from a nutrition point of view.

If you want to achieve your nutrition intake through a certain diet, that is 100% up to you.

Regardless of your diet (unless you exist purely on potato chips) you can get great results because of how flexible your PND is.

You cannot join.

Heal your body and come back. I do not want our exercises to make your pain worse. When you feel healthy, come back and see if we have spots open for you 🙂

YES. When you are transitioning out of PT is a SUPER important time to be training your body for durability. You don’t want to push it too far… …but you also don’t want to eliminate all physical activity. A good balance of exercise, proper nutrition, and plenty of recovery is EXACTLY what The Groove Track was intended for. You can absolutely join if you are transitioning out of PT.

Do you love your body and want better stability, athleticism, and confidence?

Then the answer is YES.

If you love dance, you are welcome inside The Groove Track.

No! If you are a vegetarian and one of my monthly recipes includes hamburger… you probably shouldn’t eat it lol. The monthly recipes are just there to keep giving you ideas so you never get bored with your food. You do not HAVE to eat them. In fact, I encourage you to experiment with my monthly recipes so you can find some of your own favorite recipes.

You will need some sort of progressive resistance.

We are dancers who “lift” after all.

That might mean investing in a gym membership, or it might mean getting some home gym equipment if you don’t have access to a gym because of where you live or because you’re on tour.

DM me or your DWL coach whenever you have a question.

We also encourage sending videos whenever you want for us to review your form.

Also make sure to check the weekly wrap up emails to communicate with your coaches about how you’re doing each week.

You get what you earn.

Myself and dozens of other DWL members have done this EXACT program and gotten amazing results.

But no program works if YOU don’t work.

Make sense?

If you’re willing to listen to your coach and put in the work, then yes, you WILL get results.