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Who is the DWL Fam?

#DancersWhoLift is a blog, obviously.

But the DWL Fam is more than that.

It’s space to debunk myths about nutrition and fitness, offer actionable steps toward a longer, more athletic dance career, and revel in the awesome connection that every dancer has… conveniently located in your inbox!

We lift each other up.

We raise social consciousness and awareness.

We, as dancers, are responsible to lift up the voices of those who don’t have the platform that we do.

Yes, #DancersWhoLift are super hot and badass, but we’re beautiful people making beautiful things happen.

We promote constant honesty and openness. Honesty within training and nutrition techniques, honesty with our pasts, honesty in our futures. There will never be a quick or easy fix, but an honest approach will prove sustainable results in every aspect of life.

If this sounds like an environment you’re excited to be a part of and contribute to, please join us for: