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Program Starts Feb 7th, 2021


That’s right — it’s time to get stronger and shine brighter than ever before. Take the Leap is written with your long term progress and sustainability in mind.

Our progressive 6 month programming is designed to keep you moving forward and motivated each month, no matter what life throws at you.

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Hi! I guess I’m supposed to introduce myself…


I’m Amber, dancer, athlete, and HBIC of DancersWhoLift.

I’m a dancer, performer, and strength coach who’s helped hundreds of performers around the world build strength and confidence through my coaching and free information on my blog and Instagram.

Over the past few years, I’ve been dedicated to building a small army of badass performers; getting them strong enough to excel at everything from auditions, to two “dow shays,” to…you know, successfully navigating what feels like the end of the world. That’s why I am SO excited to introduce the newest and easiest way for me and my team to work with you and help you feel hotter, stronger, and book the job.



After an incredibly successful first round of TTL, and applying the feedback from more than 130 participants, I’m thrilled to unveil Take The Leap 3.0 : an elite guide and instruction into what cross-training like a professional artist should actually entail.

Taken straight from my notebook, it’s as if we’re training side by side. I’ll take care of the planning, handling things like exercise selection, sets, reps, rest, progression, and more, to keep things fun and effective each month.

All you have to do is show up ready to #werk.

Workouts and nutrition guides are updated by the month so you never get bored and always make progress.

But it’s up to you which training days work the best, but stick with it, and we’ll be getting stronger together week by week.


With this 6 month program, you’ll get access to not just our programming, but also to an exclusive video and resource library, as well as our access to the DWL Facebook page, for fam members only.



What’s Included for less than $4/Day?



Join for Less than $4/ day



What people are saying… 

TTL is unlike any other program out there, but don’t just take my word for it.

Allison F. 

“My clothes from last year look so much better OR don’t even fit. I don’t own a scale but I can SEE/ FEEL a huge difference in my body and confidence.” 

Kayla P.

“I feel like I finally found a program that is working for my body and I am beginning to accept what I look like is good enough. For the first time ever I am seeing definition in my arms, and my sides are looking smaller… I’m gaining confidence!” 

Samantha U. 

After a year of dabbling with difference programs and diets, I’ve seen more results in 4 weeks of starting DWL than anything I’ve been trying. I feel stronger and CONFIDENT!

Rachel L. 

“I have been feeling a lot better about my body. Just knowing I’m healthy, it doesn’t even matter how I look.” 

Do It For Yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

So you’re wondering…


What if I don’t have access to a gym? 

If you have access to a gym or even minimal equipment, like dumbbells and bands, you’ll be able to take advantage of workouts which utilize equipment. Not to worry if you don’t have equipment, though. DWL offers  incredible bodyweight workouts as well each month. 


Is it dancers only?

As with all DWL programs, workouts are designed to reinforce dance training. However, everyone can benefit from improved flexibility, stability, recovery, and athleticism. So no, anyone can join the DWL fam! 


Is it personalized?

TTL serves a large group of people, so no. Workouts and meal guides aren’t specifically for you and your goals. However, the DWL Team works our hardest to support you in every capacity. If a move is too easy or too hard, we’re always available to offer a substitute. Similarly, with our nutrition plans, we work to educate you to make the best choices for your needs not just tell you what to do. 


Is there a schedule? 

While there is a structure to the workouts, there is no set schedule so you don’t need to worry about falling behind. For optimal results we suggest utilizing at least 4 strength workouts per week, but feel free to fill the remaining days with our better-than-cardio conditioning, mobility, abs, and recovery flows. 


How will I stay accountable?

Your DWL coaches can see when you’ve completed workouts through the DWL App! If you need extra accountability we recommend attending our live classes or even meeting another member of the DWL Fam and having an accountability buddy. If ever you’re struggling, reach out to a DWL Coach (or even veteran members!) and we’ll answer your questions and cheer you on! You’re never alone! 


Will I get results?

If you do the work, you’ll see the results. For best results we recommend taking advantage of 3-4 strength workouts per week and attending at least one live event per week, either a class or a mindset “chit chat.” The goal of this program is to build confidence, strength, and sustainable habits for life… although  physique transformation is a  common side-effect.


What’s the deal with the meal guides?

Each month you’ll be provided a new meal guide, but it’s totally optional for you to take advantage of. Each guide comes with a complete meal plan and grocery list as well as 15 delicious recipes for the month. The recipes can all be easily scanned into MyFitnessPal. Although they are not specifically allergen-free, many are GF, DF, and vegetarian, and ingredients can easily be swapped to fit your dietary needs. 


Will you set my macros?

Sorry, this program doesn’t set your macro targets for you, however you will be provided with the means to set them yourself should you be interested and the monthly meal guide provides the macro breakdown on all the recipes. 


What all do I get?

Scroll to the top. 😉