Take the Leap

An ensemble-style training experience

Registration Ends 2/6/2020 at 11:59pm ET

Program Starts 2/7/2020


That’s right — it’s time to get stronger and shine brighter than ever before. Take the Leap is written with your long term progress and sustainability as a performer in mind. Our progressive 6 month programming is designed to keep you moving forward and having fun.

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Hi! I guess I’m supposed to introduce myself…


I’m Amber, dancer, athlete, and HBIC of DancersWhoLift.

I’m a dancer, performer, and strength coach who’s helped hundreds of performers around the world build strength and confidence through my coaching and free information on my blog and Instagram.

Over the past few years, I’ve been dedicated to building a small army of badass performers; getting them strong enough to excel at everything from auditions, to two dow shays, to…you know, life. That’s why I am SO excited to introduce the newest and easiest way for me to work with you and help you feel hotter, stronger, and book the job.



After months of tweaking, I’m finally ready to unveil Take The Leap: an inside look, guide, and instruction into what cross-training like a professional artist should actually entail. Taken straight from my notebook, it’s as if we’re training side by side. I’ll take care of the planning, handling things like exercise selection, sets, reps, rest, progression, and more, to keep things fun and effective.

All you have to do is show up ready to #werk.

Workouts are updated by the month. But it’s up to you which training days work the best, but stick with it, and we’ll be getting stronger together week by week.

With this 6 month program, you’ll get access to not just our programming, but also to an exclusive video and resource library, as well as our access to the DWL Facebook page, for fam members only.



What’s Included for just $2/Day?



Join for $2/Day!