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There are, literally, hundreds of DWL Fam members. 

You can find us on all 6 continents.

In movies. On TV. On national tours, Broadway stages, parades, and everywhere in between. 

With as hard as they work in the gym and in the studio, it’s no surprise the DWL Fam is #bookedandblessed checkout their accomplishments while training with DancersWhoLift.

Have you ever thought,
“I want to be strengthening... I just need some structure...”


“I know I should be working out, but I just don’t know what comes next...”


By the time you scroll through endless YouTube workouts or IG swipe workouts you’re out of time, you’ve lost motivation, and frankly... you’re doubtful if THAT workout will even help your dancing...

If this sounds familiar, trust me, you’re not alone!

These EXACT reasons are why hundreds of dancers have joined the DWL Take the Leap group.

Whether you’re training with bands at home or venturing back into the gym, working on losing body fat or building muscles...

DWL has you covered!

Our membership program, Take the Leap, ensures you’ve got the moves and the modifications to meet your goals!

So if you’re wondering “how can I level up in 2022 when I’m training at home, traveling, or unsure of my schedule? 🥺”

Or just want to feel confident in the gym (and avoided ending up on one of those gym fail pages lol).

You need to join the BEST strength training program for dancers, athletes, and humans of all levels.

We do the planning, you do the lifting.

The doors for TTL 5.0 are open NOW!

Do not wait to grab your spot, new program starts January 31st!

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Where are you training these days? At home or in the gym?

Xox Am

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Elena V.

Love love love working with Amber! She’s incredible coach and has the special power to see what you need to go farther! Not only does she create challenging and fun fitness plans, but she listens to feedback. She also completely changed how I see food and how I eat in the most positive way. I… Read more “Elena V.”

Robin M.

This program has changed my life. I’ve tried everything from weight watchers to expensive trainers and saw little progress that would fluctuate on a weekly basis. This program not only provides amazing workouts- but Amber will challenge the way you think about food and exercise. The mental strength Amber inspires is the biggest game changer… Read more “Robin M.”

Chelsea M.

I have been working this program for 3 months. Not only do I feel stronger, but I also have a working knowledge of the WHY behind so many health and fitness objectives and topics. I also have a new found confidence in the body I HAVE while I still strive to make it stronger. Amber… Read more “Chelsea M.”

Jada P.

Amber helped me completely rehab my body (and mind!) after an injury I thought was going to be career ending. She was patient but firm with me. Every month she crafted an easy to follow program to help me meet my goals and was always available to answer questions. She’s truly passionate about creating healthy… Read more “Jada P.”

Kelly C.

Amber has completely changed the way I view myself, nutrition, and working out. She educates, pushes, but most of all supports. She will call you out in the most savage (but gracious) ways, and will also be the first one to say CALM DOWN, life happens. My body and mind are SO thankful for her!!!