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There are, literally, hundreds of DWL Fam members. 

You can find us on all 6 continents.

In movies. On TV. On national tours, Broadway stages, parades, and everywhere in between. 

With as hard as they work in the gym and in the studio, it’s no surprise the DWL Fam is #bookedandblessed checkout their accomplishments while training with DancersWhoLift.

"All of this, which is just wild to me, happened while I don’t feel absolutely deprived!?"

That's what @mariehelstrom , a member of our Take the Leap Fam, DM'd me yesterday when she sent these side-by-sides (Aug 9- Sept 27, in case you were wondering.)

But she said something else, too. She said, "Yesterday I said, 'I'm not making any progress!' but today I saw these pictures and had to admit 'Well, the pictures don't lie... and this is AFTER eating Chick Fil A and maneuvering around a tight schedule!"

What's better than losing 5lbs and 3inches in 8ish weeks?

How about building unshakable confidence?! Taking hot yoga in just a bra and shorts and being able to focus on how your body feels and is working, rather than being distracted by what it looks like. That's what Marie has also accomplished and that's what we're most excited about.

And as she said,
We have NOT put her on a restrictive diet.

We have NOT eliminated foods she loves.

We have encouraged and supported her to enjoy her life with meals out (even alcohol) whilst going through this journey.

Most of all we have shown her a new way of living that she continues to mirror .... NOT a short term diet structure that is not sustainable long term.

When you decide you are ready to find your happy I want you to invest in the right support and help that favors LONG TERM results.

Invest into the solution that clearly delivers results that LAST!

If you have a goal and you have struggled to sustain results myself and the DWL team can support you via the very same program or a personalized coaching experience. Click the link in my bio "apply for coaching" or DM me and tell me about your goals.

xox Am

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STOP beating yourself up if you make a mistake!

Shoutout to @emmametzger_ a member of our Take the Leap Fam and then -10lbs Club. Emma is SUCH a joy to know and coach.

She works hard, asks great questions, and has been focusing on small but consistent actions and guess what... it’s paying off!

We so appreciate her positive attitude within the DWL Community, it’s absolutely infectious!

I want you to know, just as Emma can attest to, that there is no such thing as A PERFECT WEEK OF FAT LOSS (I mean my own 10-to-tone journey should've shown you that lol). It always happens, a few weeks in something goes wrong, you stop noticing change, you get bored of the dieting method, you have social events that you don’t know how to handle.

The scales jump back up, your efforts are demolished and you're left feeling like this whole thing is nearly impossible for you.

You will have "Ah, shoot..." moments, you WILL have something get in your way at some point. Your progress might slow down, your progress might not be linear, it might even feel like an uphill battle between mind and body... but YOU. CANNOT. FAIL.

And when you have the right support in place the whole regrouping and dialling back into routine is ten times easier.

Put your time & efforts into a solution that will deliver you results you can sustain, because, otherwise is it truly worth it?

By the way, I have opened my 1-1 coaching program; we will teach you how to gain a positive relationship with food while achieving results you will be able to enjoy long term, to find out more and apply send 'READY' to my inbox 😍
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Elena V.

Love love love working with Amber! She’s incredible coach and has the special power to see what you need to go farther! Not only does she create challenging and fun fitness plans, but she listens to feedback. She also completely changed how I see food and how I eat in the most positive way. I… Read more “Elena V.”

Robin M.

This program has changed my life. I’ve tried everything from weight watchers to expensive trainers and saw little progress that would fluctuate on a weekly basis. This program not only provides amazing workouts- but Amber will challenge the way you think about food and exercise. The mental strength Amber inspires is the biggest game changer… Read more “Robin M.”

Chelsea M.

I have been working this program for 3 months. Not only do I feel stronger, but I also have a working knowledge of the WHY behind so many health and fitness objectives and topics. I also have a new found confidence in the body I HAVE while I still strive to make it stronger. Amber… Read more “Chelsea M.”

Jada P.

Amber helped me completely rehab my body (and mind!) after an injury I thought was going to be career ending. She was patient but firm with me. Every month she crafted an easy to follow program to help me meet my goals and was always available to answer questions. She’s truly passionate about creating healthy… Read more “Jada P.”

Kelly C.

Amber has completely changed the way I view myself, nutrition, and working out. She educates, pushes, but most of all supports. She will call you out in the most savage (but gracious) ways, and will also be the first one to say CALM DOWN, life happens. My body and mind are SO thankful for her!!!