Sound Familiar?

You’ve worked at your craft for years. Skipped parties, woken up early, spent thousands of dollars on classes and workshops, and of course, let’s not forget that “arts” degree. You line up in the freezing cold at 6am with 150 other performers who look just like you in their lululemon bras and high ponies, but you’re hopeful.

You’ve got your coffee in hand, it’s helping to quiet the rumble of your tummy since you skipped breakfast… again. When you finally make it into the holding room and add your name to the unofficial list it finally hits you, the smell of hairspray and desperation. The call doesn’t start for another hour so you use this time to retouch your make-up, scrolled through online casting calls, and do a few plies. Gotta get warm, right? Time creeps by but finally, they call your name- mispronounced but whatever- to join the group heading into the room.
Once you’re in the room, this whole morning will be worth it. Your resume speaks for itself, you’ve got a great headshot, and your brightest smile.
The choreographer assembles you and the other thirty women in a straight line.


Oh no.

They’re typing. Again.

The director struts down the line looking each dancer from top to bottom.

“Yes.” She gets to stay.

“Yes.” Her, too.

“Thank you.” She’s cut.

“Thank you.” She’s cut too, seriously?

You hold your breath as he marches toward you. His eyes feel like hot, heavy laser beams melting your skin. After what feels like an eternity, but can honestly be less than three seconds, you hear the flat “Thank you.” and with that you’re dismissed.

Cut again.

Does this sound familiar?


A bit about your coaches!

We wanted to introduce ourselves.

My name is Amber Tacy.

I’m the founder and HBIC of DWL.

I have BAs in Dance Science and Psychology, CPT, PNL1, and Stanford School of Health Sciences Certified Nutritionist… AND just like you, I’m a professional dancer and performer.

In college I found myself struggling with an image disorder that lead to an eating disorder, exhaustion, injury, and frustration… but when I started lifting and learning how to fuel my body appropriately, everything changed!

Now I’m a new woman, #BookedAndBlessed, and believe it’s my mission to help every performer feel strong, competent, and capable whether they’re in the gym, in the studio, or on the stage.

It would be an honor to help you on your fitness journey. 

Meet Coach Marissa Graham! 

As someone who experienced the 18 hour days and hustles that it takes to survive as an artist and an athlete, my approach to coaching comes from one of empathy and experience.

Whether I was performing internationally, training with elite boxers in NYC, or getting my cardio in making drinks behind a bar… I knew that my health and fitness goals would have to shift with my lifestyle.

My goal is to work with you as an individual and find realistic goals that you can CRUSH with some guidance and support.

My coaching philosophy is working together with my clients as a team, collaborating on the best methods to get the most effective results for YOU! As a CPT, HMS, nutrition coach, and pre/post natal certified trainer, I am here for you, no matter what life is throwing your way!




DWL is intimate. It’s not some basic bitch, YouTube, or Instagram workout…It’s a personal program designed by DANCERS for DANCERS.

We have to start somewhere, and dancers are SO good at picking up movement, but oftentimes they just don’t know WHAT to do or for how long to do it.

So they wander around the gym for 20 minutes playing with pink weights, hopping from machine to machine, doing some abs, stretching, then ultimately ending up on the treadmill.

No more! Your program will tell you exactly WHAT to do, HOW to do, and WHY you’re doing it with written coaching cues. Obviously we can’t be in the gym with you, but these cues make it feel as though your coach is right beside you, every step of the way.

You’ll always have videos demonstrating the exercises and cues explaining what’s happening so you can truly get the most out of each moment.

Win, win, win!

But we all know a good workout is wasted without good nutrition. Honestly, understanding the basics of food science, is what kick started the change in our bodes and shifted our mindsets toward food.

Long gone is the old way of thinking: “I worked out, I’ll skip lunch or have a salad”

Now we think :“I worked out! I need to replenish my body, fast!”

We cannot wait to teach you the why to nutrition science for dancers.

No meal plans.

No “dieting”.

We’re going to teach you how to eat the foods you love, still be your best self, AND have your body look and feel it’s best.

No, it’s not magic. It’s science.


What’s The Principle Track?

The Principle Track is a contemporary approach to having a personal trainer.

You’re busy. You’re on a performer’s budget. You could book an out-of-town job at any moment. Who has the time (or money) to schedule personal training sessions.

Not you.

Which is why this personalized online coaching is the fast-track to a 6-pack that you’ve been looking for.

With remote access to me through the easy-to-use DWL app, getting performance ready has never been easier.

We should say, before anything else, we fervently believe the Dancers Who Lift coaching program is one of the best out there. A bold statement?


But, confidence is a by-product of results, and of those we have plenty .


apply HERE



But here’s what to expect each month:

Not sure how to perform an exercise? No problem. Every exercise in your program comes linked with instructional exercise videos with a down to the detail walkthrough of how to perform them with the correct form. Simply pop out your phone, click the name of the exercise in your program and you'll have instructions on how to perform the exercise with the correct form so you get results while minimizing injury. This means you stay safe, maximize progress, and feel confident you know what you're doing when you show up at the gym.
Every client gets clear, concise directions on how many calories they should be eating; how much protein; how much fat; and how many carbs. All of this is done with your dietary preferences, likes, and dislikes taken into consideration. So no matter if you enjoy eating carbs or fats or a mix of the two, your plan is tailored to you. Of course, as your body changes–so will your nutrition. I keep an eye on your progress and make adjustments when the need arises to ensure you're never stalling. No more confusion with online meal plans or fad diets, I educate you to take your health into your own hands. I've worked first hand on ships, tours, with vegans, vegetarians, around temptation, shitty veg, weird eating hours, post-show drinking, and those in-port "real food!" binges. I will teach you how to maneuver.
No two dancers are the same, so why should a training program be any different? You receive programs designed specifically for your needs, experience, schedule, likes/dislikes, and injury history. This ensures you’re performing exercises that you enjoy (no bullshit burpees here) and are safe for you to perform to optimise your results and your dancing. Think about it, training on a rocking ship is very different than working out on land, I make it safe and manageable wherever your career takes you Your program is adjusted about every 4 weeks so you're constantly providing a new stimulus forcing your body to adapt and grow.
Once you sign-up, over 16 weeks, you receive an email from me every week with one key lesson on changing your body and achieving your goals. At the end of the lesson there’s a small task for you to complete. Instead of me throwing a bunch of information at you all at once, these weekly lessons will streamline everything so you have a clear idea of what you should be doing, why you should be doing it, and how you should be doing it. Think of these emails like your personal assistant whose goal is to help guide you through the first few weeks of the coaching when things can be confusing and overwhelming.
The daily guides go hand in hand with your training and nutrition plan so you understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. They also help answer a lot of questions you may have.
  • Going out to eat and not sure how to manage it? We'll cover that.
  • Want to go out and drink and not ruin progress? We'll cover that.
  • Not sure how to pick a starting weight or how to progress training? We'll cover that.
  • What supplements actually work and are worth your money? We'll cover that.
I don’t only want to tell you what to do, I want you to have a full understanding of why you’re doing it. These guides help you do just that. Oh, and they’ll bust a lot of the myths and nonsense perpetuated around training, nutrition, and supplementation.
Here's one of the sad things about changing your body–most people in your personal life won't be as excited as you are nor will they understand why you want to change. Often time they express this as negativity. And if the people in your personal life aren't supportive, you're going to find it very hard to change or stick to your plan. This is why having a support network of people working on the same goal as you is so important. You can connect with these people and ask questions, share and celebrate your victories and progress. When you're surrounded by positive people doing awesome things and changing their bodies, it's hard to not also be motivated and work on your goals. Oh, one thing I forgot to mention: 1:1 coaching clients get lifetime access to the FB group even after we stop working together. You can be part of our supportive community so you never feel alone.
Alongside the weekly check-ins, you have direct access to my DMs. This gives you added peace of mind that no matter what happens – you can reach out to me anytime and get a response that will help you. I'm always in your pocket, just an email away.
(See some the transformations here or here) And this isn’t one or two dubious testimonials in quotation marks that have you wondering Are those people even real? There are 30+ transformation photos and testimonials from real people, like you, who’ve changed their body and health after working with me. Again, not only do I write about this stuff but I have real-world experience working with actual people. My methods work. The proof is there. Right now I predominantly work with professional and retired dancers BUT I’ve worked with all types of people and by extension all types of bodies–Men, women, busy professionals, students, those with injuries, people who have ‘tried everything but nothing's worked’, etc. This vast experience means I can most likely help you no matter your situation. And it also gives you the peace of mind that I know what I’m doing.
This isn’t just a ‘transaction’–I love my clients and focus on building relationships. This means I’m invested in doing everything I can to see you succeed. If you don’t succeed, I don’t succeed. And I’m not just waxing poetic, this is 100% true. Coaching is predicated on getting people results, if I’m not getting people results–there’s no business. All of the things I listed above are cool, but here are two lesser-known benefits you get with coaching.
You'll be free from the shackles of the fitness industry. No longer falling victim to silly (and sometimes dangerous) fad diets or programs again. Yes, it's a 3 month commitment, but what if you invested in your health now so you never had to spend money on diets or coaching again?
You'll have all the knowledge you need to do things by yourself. Saving you time, money in the long run, and avoiding the frustration that comes with trying to work everything out by yourself.




We can confidently say the DWL coaching program is one of the best out there

You’re provided with all the education, guidance, support, and accountability you need to achieve and maintain your new body long after we’re done working together.

But, look.

Please don’t  read this and think that just by paying us money you’ll automatically get results.

You might not.

Yep, there it is. And it’s not something a lot of coaches talk about.

While changing your body, health, and fitness is not complicated–it’s not easy either.

You’ll have bad days. Days where you’re frustrated. Days where you might want to quit.

You will need to work hard. You will need to make some small sacrifices. You will need to give up some of the bad habits that aren’t serving you in becoming the person you want.

If this is something you’re not willing to do right now, that’s cool–there are plenty of free resources on the DWL Blog and Instagram.

But, if you’re finally ready to change and are willing to follow my instructions, execute on the plan, and most importantly put in the work and do the damn thing, then this program will do you wonders