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Training Tip Tuesday: Double-Bicep Pose

I hope you’re ready for another Technique Tip Tuesday!! This one’s all about the double-bicep pose.

Before you get intimidated or start to giggle at your immediate impulse to flex your biceps and strike a pose, think about this.

We’ve all taken a technique-based dance class so we understand the specific ways that we should hold ourselves in specific positions.

But we very rarely talk about flexing & posing as dancers. 

And this seems silly because if anyone should know how to pose and flex and work their angles to show off their muscles, it’s a dancer. 

Muscle poses aren’t just for body-builders and gym bros. After all, don’t you want to take your gym selfies to the next level?

​Okay, okay, let’s break down the basics of the very well-known double-bicep pose!​

How to Double-Bicep Pose:

The first thing to understand about the double-bicep pose is that, just like in dance, there is what everyone thinks the pose is, and what the pose actually is. 

We’ve all stood in front of the mirror and flexed our biceps. Likely you simply raised your arms into a goalpost position and squeezed your fists. 

But this is only step one of a true double-bicep pose. 

Step 2

If you’re stopping at the goal post position you are cheating yourself out of A LOT of muscle contraction. And more muscle contraction = a bigger muscle bulge, making you look even stronger. 

So from the goalpost position, pretend you are juicing a lemon in your elbow, contracting your bicep to pull your arm in as far as you can. 

Step 3

Now that you’ve fully contracted your bicep in the double-bicep pose, you should see a considerable difference in your bicep muscle. 

Now, just like adding a bit of epaulement will revolutionize your port de bras, this little trick will make your double-bicep pose really pop. 

So, once you’ve hit your goalposts and juiced your lemons, simply twist your wrists so your pinkies are down and your palms are facing the back of the room!

BOOM! An immediate bicep pop!

Try this method next time you lift upper body and tag us in the photo! We love to see strong dancers showing off their hard work!

Need a visual? Check out this video of Coach Amber modeling the step-by-step instructions!


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5 minute workout

Workout Wednesday: The 5 Minute Workout

One of the most common reasons people don’t workout is lack of time. But what if I told you, even performing a 5 minute workout could make big changes in your health? 

It’s true! Scientific studies show us that a few micro-workouts accumulate to yield many of the same results as a traditional, 30-45 minute, continuous workout. 

That’s why, today, we are giving you a 5 minute workout.

For 5 minutes you’ll perform as many rounds as possible. Then, repeat this 5 minute workout as many times as you like throughout the day. (Ideally, 3-4 times!) But as we at Dancers Who Lift know, something > nothing, so just do your best. 

Ready for the goods? Okay, set your 5 minute timer and let’s go!



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5 Minute Workout: The Breakdown

Alternating Lunges x10

First up in today’s 5 minute workout is alternating lunges. 

Start with your feet together, hands on your hips. Step one foot out into a deep lunge, keeping your core braced so your lower back is supported.

Then, step back to return to your starting position. 

Repeat on the other side. 

**Perform 10 reps before moving on to the next exercise.**

Plank Walkouts

Since you’re already standing with your feet together, go ahead and jump right into this exercise, no set-up needed!

From your standing position roll down your spine and walk your hands out into a plank position. (If you need to bend your knees to get your hands to the floor, that’s okay! Just make sure they get to a straightened position in the plank.)

Once you reach the plank position, walk the hands back to return to the standing position.

**Repeat for 10 reps, then move on to the next exercise!**

Plank Shoulder Taps

Okay, we are halfway through your 5 minute workout, how ya feeling?

Well, get your core ready because next up we have plank shoulder taps!

Put yourself in a plank position with your weight on your hands. Make sure to brace your core, keeping your hips low and shoulders gliding gently down your back.

Now, tap your right hand to your left shoulder and try not to let your hips twist! Then, switch sides. 

**Perform 10 reps (right, left is one rep!) then move on to the final exercise.**

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers might be one of the most misunderstood exercises out there. If done with no mind to your form, they can still be quite beneficial as a cardio workout. But taking an extra moment to really hone in on your form can expand the benefits of this workout exercise 10-fold.

That said, get yourself into a plank position. 

Now, without letting your hips or shoulders rise, pull one of your knees up to your chest, then switch. One on each side equals one rep! You should feel that core firing, now!

**Perform 10 reps to complete your first round!**

Finish Your Workout Strong!

Now, just because you’ve finished one round doesn’t mean your done! Perform as many rounds as you can until your 5 minute timer goes off!

Then, anytime you find yourself with a gap in your day, set a new time and see if you can beat your record!

Don’t forget to keep some deodorant in your bag! This 5 minute workout may be short, but it is mighty!


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Is Your Gift Giving En Pointe?: The Best Gifts for Dancers

Finding the perfect gift for the dancer in your life can be a challenge. Dancers do so much that choosing gifts for dancers can be a little overwhelming. 

Do you lean into their cross-training routine and get them the best weightlifting accessories? 

Do you help them step up their audition outfits and get them some fierce matching sets? 

Or do you support their self-care routine by making a little home spa kit for tough auditions and long rehearsal days?

Well, we’ve got a guide to the very best gifts for dancers this season to help you narrow down your search. 

So let’s get started! Those presents aren’t going to wrap themselves!


If your dancer wants to start journaling or already loves it, contributing to her mindfulness routine is a great gift!

The Daily Stoic is a lovely book with 366 guided meditations focused on building wisdom, encouraging perseverance, and helping the reader embrace the art of living. This is perfect for someone who values the wisdom of great leaders. Chock full of translations from Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, and so many more, this book has daily quotations from history’s greats accompanied by historical anecdotes and commentaries. Even better, the hard copy of this book is only $16.81, making this thoughtful gift a great bargain for givers on a budget!

This Gratitude Journal is one of the best gifts for dancers heading into a busy audition season. The Mayo Clinic says that practicing daily gratitude can not only improve sleep, mood, and immunity but can decrease depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. This journal will take five minutes at the start of the day and at the end of the day, which keeps us focused on the good in our days–something that can be challenging for a dancer during a full season of auditions!

The Five Minute Journal is probably one of the best-known mindfulness journals on this list. And it’s one of the most perfect gifts for dancers who are just beginning their journaling journey. As its name implies takes just five minutes out of the day and has prompts to help you get the juices flowing!


Self-Care & Muscle Recovery: 

Something a lot of dancers have a hard time with is giving themselves ample time for rest and recovery. Gifts for dancers focused on these things are a great way to support your dancer.


 The Bed buddy heating/cooling neck wrap is an excellent gift for any athlete, but especially those who suffer from DOMS or struggle with hyper-mobile joints. This heating and cooling pad can be used on your neck, back, or any joints that need a little extra love after a tough workout, rehearsal, or audition. 


We have now entered into the “accessories needed for spa showers and baths.” This is the elite category of self-care for dancers. 

My suggestion? Make a sweet “recovery basket” chock full of these recovery-focused oils, sprays, and salts. Add in a pair of cozy socks and a deliciously scented candle and you’re set to impress.

Not everyone is a bath person, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get great gifts for dancers to use in the shower!

These shower steamers are a great way to amp up any shower. Simply choose the scent your dancer would like the most (we recommend lavender for relaxation and eucalyptus for energizing!) Then pop them in the bottom of the shower. As the hot water hits these, they will release aromatherapy steam that will leave your dancers feeling like they’re in a high-end spa! 


Wanting something a bit more immediate? Try this eucalyptus shower spray! Simply spray this into the shower stream while you wait for the water to heat up and enjoy filling your bathroom with a luxuriously scented steam. Trust me, this spray will have your dancer dreaming about their next shower.



personal training for dancers



Is your dancer more of a bath person after a long rehearsal?

If so, these lavender epsom salts will be a game changer. Not only will the lavender help with relaxation, but Epsom salts are also great for muscle recovery and magnesium absorption, ensuring a good night’s rest post-soak!


Speaking of Epsom salts, this Epsom salt foot mask is a game changer. Dancers are shoving their feet into all sorts of shoes all day. Yet a lot of dancers feel a pedicure is a waste of money because “it’ll just get ruined.” But that doesn’t mean our feet don’t need pampering! This foot mask solves that problem and forces them into a much-needed sit-down!


Whether your dancer is a bath or shower person, they definitely need this Pure Magnesium Oil Spray. Magnesium helps to strengthen bones and improve muscle contraction, and heart health. Magnesium is also linked to better sleep and a decrease in migraines. So, a post-shower/bath lathering of magnesium oil is only going to do good things for your dancer.


Last on our list of self-care gifts for dancers is this acupuncture mat. This, easy to store, mat stimulates circulation and releases endorphins for pain relief and muscle relaxation. Dancers can lay on this while reading, watching TV, or even during a meditation session!



No list of gifts for dancers would be complete without some fashion essentials! 


It’s no secret that any good gym session stars with cute gear– look good, feel good, do good…right? These biker shorts from CRZ Yoga are the perfect look for leg day with just enough coverage to keep you comfy at the gym without becoming frumpy. Our trainers and Dancers Who Lift love this brand in general, so anything from CRZ is sure to be a win!


If you’re looking to amp up the audition wardrobe or make your dancer feel like a baddie at the gym, definitely check out these workout sets from ABOCIW. With the price of leotards, tights, LaDuca’s, dance bags, etc., buying a full set can be a real luxury. Why not treat your dancer by picking out a few? At $37.99 per set, it’s a steal!

A fan of dupes? Check out this crop from The Gym People. Just as soft and functional as it’s name brand counterpart without the price tag!

Want something with more pizazz? Give this go to audition top a try!


Gym Accessories:

Dancers Who Lift, obviously lift weights! This next list is all about gifts for dancers who love a good workout!

For our dancers who lift, we have this self-locking weightlifting belt that is sure to help your dancer hit PRs all session long without straining their back. (A big win for dancers who are training while working in a show!) 


Speaking of PRs, it’s no secret dancers have strong legs, but sometimes we need a little extra help with our grip strength!  For dancers wanting to lift heavier before their grip catches up, these wrist straps for weight-lifting are the answer!


Is your dancer feeling self-conscious about calloused hands when partnering? Get them these  Weight  Lifting Gloves with Full Palm Protection to keep their hands smooth and rip-free for comfortable partnering sessions! Still feeling the burn? Throw in this mess-free liquid chalk  to keep that grip working strong!


Is your dancer struggling with bruising from barbells?

Add this colorful squat pad to protect your dancer’s shoulders and hips from heavy lifts!

If your dancer wants to expand what they can do in the gym, these ankle/wrist cuffs are a great way to expand how they use the machines in any gym!


The best gifts for dancers on tour are resistance bands. If you combine these resistance bands and these resistance loop exercise bands, your dancer will be set to maintain their resistance training on the road without adding much weight to their bag! From physical therapy to workouts each of these bands will serve a different purpose for a dancer on the go!


Protein Hacks:

One of the most challenging parts of maintaining a strong, healthy body for dancing is consuming enough protein. That’s why we’ve included our favorite proteins in this list of gifts for dancers.  


Starting us off strong is Isopure Protein Lemonade! This protein isolate dissolves into a drink similar to Gatorade or Crystal Lite, making it easier to drink throughout rehearsals than a thick protein shake.  This protein is excellent for a hot day or when you’re looking to hydrate and get your protein in at the same time!


Bedtime Hot Coco is my favorite protein hack! Aside from being seasonally delightful, this protein hot coco from Pure Protein is packed with zinc and other minerals that help the body relax. prepping your dancer for a restful sleep. And with ten grams of protein and minimal carbs, it’s the perfect post-dinner dessert! Make a warm cup thirty minutes before bedtime and enjoy the protein boost and a good night’s sleep. 


Last on our master list of gifts for dancers is this Promix Shaker Bottle does not require a metal agitator, making this the *perfect* shaker bottle for any performer. 


No more careful sips backstage trying not to make the metal ball clatter. No more carrying around a shaker and a water bottle. When you’re done with your protein rinse, and refill without the worry of being noisy backstage. Want to have your pre-workout backstage? No worries there!

Bonus? This shaker is stainless steel, which makes it easy to wash and staves off that yucky protein powder stink that tends to get stuck in plastic.

So which gift will you be giving this year?

My suggestion? Make a “Bourreé Basket!”

You know, like a “Boo Basket” but make it DANCE! 

Buy a good quality dance bag, like this one, and pack it chock full of goodies from the list above, or with your own gift ideas!

No matter what you choose to gift your dancer this year, happy dancing and happy shopping!