Training Tip Tuesday: Sleeping Positions

Do you ever wake up with low back pain? Or maybe a kink in your neck? Then, the entire rest of your day you have that nagging pain that you can’t stretch or release no matter how hard you try? You might need to consider your sleeping position!

Let’s talk about it

How often do you lay down in bed and instantly roll onto your stomach, throw your arms in a weird position and then put one foot in a passé like position? 

This sleeping position may feel comfy at first, but what happens to your muscles after they’ve been in this bizarre position for 6-8 hours a night? 

When we choose sleeping positions that are anatomically “incorrect”  we can actually cause some serious issues for our body. And, if they go unnoticed, could cause major issues later on in life! 


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So what are some better sleeping positions?

First up: corpse pose A.K.A. Shavasana!

Laying on your back like this allows your muscles to relax and rest in a perfectly aligned position and alleviate a lot of unwanted discomfort the next day! 

If this sleeping position feels uncomfortable in your lower back, add a small pillow or folded blanket underneath your knees to relieve the pressure. 

Any side sleepers out there?

Sleeping on your side can be tricky because you want to ensure your spine is aligned when you sleep in order to avoid any neck or back pain. 

To do this, ensure that whatever combination of pillows you use keep your head in line with your spine. You don’t what your neck bent downward toward your shoulder or upward toward the ceiling!

Additionally, placing a pillow between your knees keeps your pelvis  in a neutral position while sleeping. Doing this will keep that lower back pain at bay!

Want to learn more about optimal sleeping positions for athletes like yourself?

Check out this video for more sleeping tips! 


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