What Is Body Mechanics?: What You Can Expect from This Group Personal Training Program

Okay, you’ve heard us talk a lot about Body Mechanics, but what exactly is Body Mechanics? What exactly is a group personal training program? What if you have some specific needs? Will you still be able to speak with a trainer one on one?

We’ll answer all of those questions and more in this complete breakdown of the Body Mechanics, Dancers Who Lift’s group personal training program


How the Training Works

Body Mechanics uses a unique “Strength for Skills Method” that focuses on strengthening your body with specific stage skills in mind. 

And no, this doesn’t mean you’ll be doing weighted développés while balancing on a Bosu ball. 

This means, that you’ll learn how strengthening your end range of motion (the bottoms of your squats and lunges) will help your extensions gain new heights. 

You’ll learn that building stability and strength in your adductors and abductors (hips) will support endless balances.

There will be entire weeks dedicated to strengthening and stabilizing you so multiple turns aren’t even a question anymore. 

Each of these six-week resistance training units are followed by a three-week conditioning and stamina unit designed to sky rocket your endurance and performance capabilities. 



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As for this being a “group personal training program” it won’t necessarily feel that way. 

Yes, you will be doing the same workouts as DWL’s other Body Mechanics. But you’ll have access to one-on-one communication with DWL’s certified personal trainers (who just so happen to also be professional dancers!).

In one-on-one DM’s with your coaches you can ask specific questions about nutrition, exercise adjustments, or whatever else might be needing attention. 

But the real bonus to group personal training is the fact that, with our app, you have access to the Body Mechanics private thread. Ask a question to the group and get answers or encouragement from other dancers going through the same process. 

For example, learn how other busy dancers are hitting their protein goals (even if they’re vegan!) 

Ask about how people are working through a particularly challenging workout. 

Or even ask location specific questions like recommendations for a nearby gym, or restaurant! 

Dancers Who Lift has dancers all over the globe that are eager to encourage and cheer one another on so, odds are, someone has an answer!


What if I Don’t Have a Gym Membership?

Totally fine!

As many of the Dancers Who Lift community is on tour or working at theatres away from their homes, this program is designed to be scalable.

That means if you’re unable to get to a gym, we have home workouts readily available with the same goals in mind. 

It’s important to us that no matter your situation you have access to top tier training because, as a dancer, you are a top tier athlete.  


What Does Body Mechanics look like week to week?

This resistance training program features 3 workouts a week and comes with two auxiliary workouts should you want to get extra gym time in. 

It also includes warm-ups for your workouts and cardio workouts incase dance class isn’t on the forefront of your schedule.

The best part? Every single one of these workouts comes with detailed “how-to” videos for the exercises in your workouts so you’ll never feel lost. Not only that, you get an entire library of exercises at you finger tips in case you need or want to make an adjustment. 

And if you are lost, send a form video to your coach in the DMs! There they can give you a break down of how to optimize your form or suggest alternative exercises.

Want to understand why you’re doing something? Your coaches can help explain that too.


See what I mean?

Despite being “group” personal training, Dancers Who Lift does not forget the fact that it is personal training. 

We care about each individual dancer that works through our program. Because we believe their success is our success.


Yummy, Quick, Budget-Friendly Nutrition

Every month, you’ll receive a recipe guide complete with daily breakdowns of what meals to eat when and a shopping list for the month. This makes sticking to your healthy eating goals a breeze!

Not into pre-planned meals? No problem. You’ll also learn about macros and how to track them to ensure you’re fueling your body for success. 

No matter what and how you like to eat, you’ll still be able to work with and learn from the nutritional guidance of the Body Mechanics program. 


The Real Win of Body Mechanics

You see, the thing about the Body Mechanics group personal training program at Dancers Who Lift is that it can teach anyone something new. 

Whether you’ve been lifting weights for 10 years or 10 minutes this program is designed to educate and empower dancers and athletes to train their bodies for the rigorous demands of their lifestyle. 

The other big win of Body Mechanics? It’s priced realistically. 

No, scratch that, it’s priced with the budget of performers in mind. 

You see, this group personal training program complete with 5 workouts per week, cardio blasts, warm-ups, recipe guides, shopping lists, and daily direct messaging access to a certified personal trainer, only costs $2.19 per day!

I don’t know about you, but that is literally cheaper than my daily coffee. 


And here’s the thing, this program isn’t about changing your life an insane amount. 

As a dancer you’re likely already working out daily. 

You’re likely already conscious of what you eat. (maybe too conscious)

You’re already taking steps to build the dancer life of your dreams. 

We just want to take what you’re already doing and optimize it so it’s sustainable and effective. 


So what do you think?

Might you decide to stop dieting? 

Might you decide to stop relying on your apple watch to track your burnt calories?

And, maybe, you’ll decide to start training like the professional athlete that you are.

Join the latest session of Body Mechanics today, we’d love to have you join our team. 


Not sure if it’s a good fit? Give “Who Is Body Mechanics For? A Resistance Training Program for Dancers (and Beyond!)” a read. 


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