Training Tip Tuesday: B-stance RDL

Welcome back to Training  Tip Tuesday! Today I’m giving you some tips on how to properly perform a B-Stance Romanian Deadlift (B-stance RDL).

Before we go any further let’s make sure we know how to answer this question,

What is a B-stance?

B-stance simply means we are shifting the weight distribution in our feet from an even 50/50 to a 80/20 (sometimes referred to as a staggered stance).  Essentially, we are adding more load onto one leg to build additional strength before jumping straight into a single-leg exercise. 

Think of B-stance as the training wheels before you go for the full single leg variation! 

In the case of a B-stance RDL, we are able to use the B-stance to start focusing on the strength and stability of one hamstring at a time.

B-stance RDL’s are also a great way to discover possible imbalances between the two sides of your body! This gives you and your trainer the information you need to improve those imbalances. 



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How Do I Perform a B-Stance RDL?

To step up your B-stance RDL, first, set yourself up in your traditional RDL stance. Shoulders over hips, core braced, soft knees. 

Then, keeping your knees in alignment, step one foot sightly behind you placing your weight on your toes like a kickstand. 

80% of your weight should be supported by your flat stance foot, and the other 20% should be supported by the kickstand. 

To get the most out of the B-stance RDL, make sure to hip both hips facing forward.

Maintain the soft bend in your knees, but just like a traditional RDL or single-leg RDL, the B-stance RDL is mostly a hip-hinge exercise.

So, to perform, slide your hands/weights, down the front of your thighs by hinging your hips backward. To return to standing, thrust your hips forward to return them to neutral. 

This ensures your B-stance RDL will remain a lateral plain exercise, rather than a vertical plane exercise like a squat. 

Want to Check your Form?

Check out this video of Coach Kierstin demonstrating how to properly perform a B-stance RDL! 


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