Workout Wednesday: The Bench Workout

Have you ever gone to the gym and looked around in absolute horror because the gym is packed?  Today’s bench workout was created for days just like that, because all you need to accomplish this workout is a bench (or any other sturdy elevated surface). 

So go grab a bench or a box or, if you’re at home, a coffee table or couch! 

This bench workout is straightforward, with the same number of reps for each exercise and a brutally quick 30 second rest between sets.   

So stop gawking at all the people and let’s dive in. 



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1) Bulgarian Split Squat

Kicking off today’s workout is the Bulgarian Split Squat! To perform this exercise take about two steps away from the bench then, rest the top of your right foot on the bench behind you. Keeping your hips square and your chest lifted, bend your front knee slowly. Then, grounding through the front heel, return to standing. 

Perform twelve controlled reps on each leg. 

**Rest 30 seconds then, immediately move on to the next exercise.** 

2) Single Leg Hip Thrusts

Next up in our bench workout are single leg hip thrusts. Sit on the ground perpendicular to your bench with your back resting against the side of the bench. 

Lift yourself up so your sports bra line, is leaning against the edge of the bench. (Your body will be working as a seesaw, with the bench as your fulcrum.)

To ensure you’re in a good position, lift your hips and walk your feet out so, when your hips are lifted, you’re in a tabletop position. Then, lower your hips back down.

Now that you’re in position, lift one foot off of the ground. Bracing your core, squeeze your glutes and press into your grounded heel to lift your hips up. You should strive to have your body in line at the top of the thrust. Then, slowly lower down. 

Perform twelve reps on each leg. 

**Rest 30 seconds then, immediately move on to the next exercise.**

3) Push-ups

This portion of the bench workout targets that upper body! For these elevated push-ups to place your hands on the bench. Make sure you engage your core so your lower back doesn’t sway and your booty doesn’t float up toward the ceiling!

*Hint* If you’re needing help with your push-up form, check out this form breakdown!

Perform twelve reps. 

**Rest 30 seconds then, immediately move on to the next exercise.**

4) Tricep Dips

How ya feeling? You are almost through your first round of today’s bench workout! Finish strong!

For this exercise, sit on the side of the bench and place your hands on the bench on either side of your hips. Then, walk your feet out and scoot your booty off the bench. Your knees and hips should be around 90 degrees. Finally, bend your arms to lower your booty toward the ground. Exhale and extend your arms to push yourself back up. 

Do not let your booty touch the ground! That will give your arms too much of a rest at the base of the exercise!

Perform twelve reps. 

**Rest 30 seconds then, immediately move on to the final exercise in the round.** 

5) Feet Elevated Bridge

To finish off our bench workout lay on the ground perpendicular to your bench. Place your heels on the edge of the bench. 

Once you’re in position, brace your core, then, squeezing your glutes, and grounding through your heel, press your hips up toward the ceiling.

Make sure your core stays braced! Pushing your hips too high can cause your back to arch, taking the pressure off your glutes and pinching your lower back.

As you lower, think about pulling your hips toward your heel to keep from releasing your spine. 

Perform twelve controlled reps.

**Rest 30 seconds then, return to the first exercise.**

Finish it:

To finish today’s bench workout you must complete five total rounds. And yes, the rest between rounds is just 30 seconds. 

It’s brutal and it will definitely get your heart rate up. But more importantly it get you in and out of that busy gym efficiently while accomplishing an effective workout session!

What’s not to love?

When you’ve finished the workout, let us know how it goes! Visit us @dancerswholift on Instagram and Tiktok

Wanting more workouts like this? Tune in here every Wednesday for a new workout! 

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