Workout Wednesday: The Slip and Slide Workout

Slide workouts using socks or gliding discs have been shown to not only increase strength but also improved balance and control. And what dancer doesn’t want strong, controlled balances?

Well, it’s Workout Wednesday so we figured we’d give you  a doozy of a slide workout to get your lower body cooking and your balance and control.




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The Slip and Slide Workout

For this slide workout, you’ll need to wear socks on a tile, wood, or Marley floor. Or, you can use glide discs underneath your sneakers.

Pendulum Lunge – 6/leg

This exercises is all about the isometric hold of your non-sliding leg!

Set yourself up so you’re in a standing position. Slide your right food forward into a deep lunge with both legs bent, keeping your back knee off the ground. 

From here, slide your front leg to the back to switch your legs. Make sure both of your knees continue tracking over your middle toes! 

Staying low here will maximize the benefit (and intensity) of the isometric hold of your supporting leg! 

Sliding front and back is one rep. 

**After six reps, switch legs. Then, move on to the next exercise.**

Plank Up/Downs

For this portion of our slide workout, we’re going to put the slide to the side and focus on a stable, stationary core. 

Set yourself up into a plank position on your forearms.

One hand at a time, and starting with your right arm, lift up to a traditional plank (on your hands). 

Once up in your plank, lower back down to your forearms one arm at a time (again, starting with your right arm). 

Try to keep your hips from dipping too much side to side!

One rep includes the up and the down.

**Once you’ve performed 8 reps, switch and perform 8 reps leading with your left arm.**

Hamstring Curls

This exercise comes with an option! You can either perform this as a single leg exercise or, for more of  a challenge, perform this as a double leg exercise. The choice is yours! But if you do opt for the double leg, make sure your are engaging your core to support your lower back

Lay on your back with one knee bent and the other straight.

Using your socks or your slide discs, slide the heel of your straight leg toward your booty. 

At the same time, lift your hips toward the ceiling into a bridge position. 

Then, slide your foot back out as you slowly lower your hips back down to the floor. 

**Perform 10 reps then, switch legs. If performing as double leg exercise, perform ten reps then move on.**

Skater Slides

Finally, the last exercise in our slip and slide workout! I know you’re feeling your glutes and hamstrings by now, but finish strong!

For this exercise you’ll be sliding from one foot to the other and crossing your working leg behind you into a curtsey lunge. 

Begin by standing. Step out to the side onto your right leg. 

With control, slide your left leg behind you into a curtsey lunge. The lower you go, the more challenging this will be! 

Then, slide that curtsey leg out from behind you and step out to the side onto it, sliding your right leg behind you into the opposite curtsy. 

**Perform ten reps per leg to finish this round!**

Want a Visual Aide?

Check out this video for any for checks or visuals you might need!

Wrap it up!

To complete this workout, perform this circuit four times as fast a possible, taking no more than 30 seconds rest per set!

How little rest do you think you can handle?


Want more workouts? Tune in here every Wednesday for a new workout! 

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