Hear From DWL’s Body Mechanics: Real Resistance Training Results from Dancers Just Like You

Resistance training for dancers has been a misunderstood topic for decades. And, finally, it seems that dancers are learning that resistance training results in more control, higher extensions, higher jumps, safer landings, and endless turns. 

Dancers Who Lift has been here for dancers since day one. But, like the industry, we’ve grown and evolved. The Body Mechanics program not only trains strong dancers, but empowers them with invaluable knowledge about their bodies. 

In previous blogs we talked about who Body Mechanics is for and what Body Mechanics entails.

But today we thought we’d let you hear it straight from the dancers’ mouths!


We know the Body Mechanics resistance training results speak for themselves, so we thought we’d let them!

So, without further ado, lets hear what they have to say.  


Amelia Foreman has been part of the Dancer’s Who Lift crew since 2019 and she says that DWL had a huge impact on her working professionally post COVID: 

“Thankfully, through the 2020 shut down, DWL was there with workouts to keep me strong through the lockdown. After that I danced in a ballet company for a year and did DWL workouts four days a week and it was the strongest I ever felt in my dancing. Now I am currently dancing with a modern dance company that does a lot of Pilobolus like non-traditional partnering. And I have finally gotten back in the gym more consistently.  Thankfully DWL has always been there to cheer me on, to keep me strong and feel great in my body!”


Claire Peoples loves how effortless it is to incorporate the program into her fitness routine:

“Being a professional dancer with another full time job, it can be very hard to figure out how to cross train! I had been taking a lot of group fitness classes at my gym but I didn’t feel like they were helping me. Those classes can help the average person with strength, but it doesn’t mean they will help a dancer’s technique! DWL has really helped me since I started a few months ago. I love how the workouts are laid out for me and I can follow the exercises on my fitness watch. Amber and the trainer’s technique videos also really help me to know that I am doing the exercises correctly.”



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Out of all the resistance training results seen from Body Mechanics, feeling strong and secure in your dancing is one of our favorite . 

We attribute it to our highly specialized trainers who focus on the why behind the exercises they program. 

Jessica Townshend spoke to this a bit when we asked her about her resistance training results.

“I joined DWL because I’m a dancer (my main hobby and my self care release from my job as a therapist).  I’d been looking for real cross-training for dancers because I was frustrated by my limitations and knew there had to be ways to improve that weren’t just running routines and practicing turns over and over and over and over again.  DWL is where I found what I’d been craving!  A way to truly develop the muscles I needed to develop and a mindset about weightlifting that I’d never had before.  Body Mechanics explains the exercises in ways that make sense to my dancer brain.  Since I started, I’ve noticed so many improvements.  Last June, I had to do a double on stage with no real prep or way to build momentum.  It was on what I’ve called my “bad side”/”bad leg” and I freaking NAILED IT!  While I was on stage, I had a moment of worry, but then I executed that jazz double pirouette and kept right on dancing!  Not even a moment of hesitation…My kicks are getting higher!  My turns are more solid.  I can finally feel all the muscles I need to feel to truly pull my shoulder blades down and back.  Things that PT told me to do but I couldn’t, I’ve finally learned through DWL and Body Mechanics.”


Sara Edwards listed how different her dancing felt as one of the resistance training results she’s seen since joining Body Mechanics:

“Recently, I went back to ballet classes after two years off; I was so surprised at how strong I was, and how powerful my movements were! I definitely feel stronger, both mentally and physically, and I’m eager to tackle my next dance class!”

Something all of our Body Mechanics had in common was their appreciation for the flexibility within the Body Mechanics program. 

“I have absolutely nothing but praise for this program! I was unsure of how to spend my time off between [cruise] contracts so decided to give Body Mechanics a try. It allowed me the flexibility to rest, but to also build for my upcoming contract. I got back into my shows onboard with ease and felt even better than the contract before! I find now, I have better stamina and more power behind my dancing which has been the absolute most exciting feeling.” – Annie Dauzat


“Mel’s encouragement has helped me face those challenges!  Now I can lift enough weight that my parents are impressed when we go to the gym together!  I’m starting to get biceps I can flex!  And what’s even better is that if life is kicking my butt it my body isn’t in the right place to do certain exercises, Body Mechanics gives me options for body weight exercises and Mel is super encouraging about listening to my body and taking a break when needed.  The program is always there for me to come back to and skate brings new challenges.  I’m honestly SO glad I discovered DWL.  Now I can hold my own on stage with fellow dancers who are in performing companies and am even getting encouraged to try out for one of those performing companies.  DWL and Body Mechanics make working out and cross training make sense!  And they make it easy because I don’t have to guess at the exercises I should do.  I highly recommend Body Mechanics for anyone and everyone considering trying DWL!!” – Jessica Townshend


“I’ve been a Body Mechanics member for a while now and I can say it’s one of the best choices I’ve made for myself as dancer, and as a human being! I love the programming and how flexible and varied it is. My life is very busy, so I don’t always have time to get to the gym, but the programs organized perfectly for both the gym and home, so I never miss out!” – Sarah Edwards

What’s the most surprising of all the resistance training results seen by our Body Mechanics?


Each of our Body Mechanics interviewed about this resistance training program for dancers spoke about how impactful having a community of dancers working toward the same goal was.

“It’s also so nice to be a part of a community of dancers who are in all different parts of life, but committed to the same goals. The workouts are great, their knowledge is unmatched and the support is so refreshing.” – Annie Dauzat 


 “I love how I get to chat with other people about milestones and get guidance from all the coaches.”  – Jessica Townshend


“I love how I get to chat with other people about milestones and get guidance from all the coaches.” – Sarah Edwards


Let’s Wrap it Up

There are so many resistance training results dancers will benefit from, whether they lift weights with DWL or not. 

But what sets Dancers Who Lift and Body Mechanics apart (aside from coaches, CEOs, and Administrators who are professional dancers themselves) is the unbreakable, unshakable encouragement found in the Dancers Who Lift community. 

The access to the private chat thread  and Facebook group of fellow dancers in the Body Mechanics program is invaluable. This thread has been known to help non-cooks hack meal prepping, support chronic over-trainers learn to rest, and even help people find sublets or doctors in their area!

If you’re thinking about joining Body Mechanics, or one of the other DWL programs, but you’re still not sure, just shoot us a DM on instagram @dancerswholift, or send us an email at dancerswholift@gmail.com. We are always happy to answer questions, concerns, and point you in a direction that we think will be benefit you. 

We hope to hear from you soon!

Want to do some more research first? 

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