Training Tip Tuesday: Confidence Corner, the Gymtimidation Secret

Gymtimidation: (also known as gym anxiety) is the anxiety a person feels about going to, or working out in, a gym. It’s a common experience with studies showing that 1 in 2 people struggle with this intimidation issue!

If you’re a new gym goer, returning after a break, or not a fan of working out around other people, gymtimidation can easily keep you from your goals. 

That’s why this week’s training tip is to create a *confidence corner* at your gym! 

What is a Confidence Corner, You Ask?

A confidence corner is a low-traffic, quiet area of the gym where you can complete your workout without really having to interact with anyone. It requires that you move whatever dumbbells or bands you might need to that area, but otherwise, it’s no fuss no muss. 

Once you’ve located your “space,” pick 6 exercises and pair them up to create a superset.

Decide what weights or equipment you might need for those exercises and set up camp in your low-traffic “spot.” 

(If you’re concerned about hogging weights, just ensure that you’re only using 2-3 pairs of dumbbells. A great way to do this is to mix and match exercises that used bands, steps or blocks as resistance so you don’t have to hoard every weight in your corner.)

Now you can flow through your exercises with confidence from your low-traffic corner of the gym! Gymtimidation, who?!

And remember, you deserve space at the gym just as much as anyone else! 

Want to see an example? Check out this video of Coach Amber building her confidence corner!

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Not sure how to “choose” which exercises to do?

This flow chart might help jog your brain when you’re building a workout! And don’t be fooled by the title! Add a dumbbell or band to any of these exercises and BAM! You’ve got resistance!

Choose your 6 confidence corner exercises from this chart and your gymtimidation will fly out the window!

Still not sure you’ve built a workout you’re happy with? Here’s a quick workout you can do with a couple pairs of dumbbells in your confidence corner. 


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