Training Tip Tuesday: Transverse Abdominis Breathing

Welcome back to another Training Tip Tuesday! Today we are talking about Transverse Abdominis Breathing aka TVA Breathing  (sometimes known as Stomach Vacuums. 

But first, you might be asking,

What is our Transverse Abdominis?

The TVA is our innermost core muscle. 

Where is the TVA located?

I’m so glad you asked! And no, it is not located in the Marvel Universe. 😜

It starts at either side of your spine, wraps around your torso, connects to your ribcage and ends at the middle line of your abdomen.

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See how deep in there the TVA is?  That’s why using Transverse Abdominis Breathing is one of the best exercises to target this deep core muscle!

What does the Transverse Abdominis do?

The TVA helps to protect internal organs, supports the torso, helps stabilize the spine and pelvis and assists in safe rotation throughout the trunk of the body. 

Why should you care about it?

Learning how to activate your Transverse Abdominis before you lift or dance, will change your life. No, I’m serious.

Learning how to activate this deep core muscle will help you feel more stable, support your lower back and will help you find your balance in dance class real fast! It will also free up your legs and arms to do whatever you want them to without throwing you off your center. 

Not to mention the fact that practicing Transverse Abdominis breathing can help relieve lower back pain by supporting a neutral pelvic position!

How to Practice Transverse Abdominis Breathing

Lay flat on your back with your knees bent. 

Take a deep breath in through your nose, letting your stomach expand. 

Then, slowly exhale is if you are blowing through a straw while pulling your belly button and lower abdominals toward your spine (similar to a Graham Contraction). Maintain this “hollow” contraction throughout the entire exhale.  

It takes some practice to find this engagement. So, go ahead and watch this video  demonstrating how to do a Transverse Abdominis Breath and add into your next warm up!

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