Workout Wednesdays: The Bear Crawl Workout

Bear crawl workouts are a fantastic way to train your entire body at once.

Not only do bear crawls work your core, but they require you to utilize the full range of motion of your hips, shoulders and ankles. 

Bear crawl workouts also train your muscular endurance and they improve your coordination

Don’t be fooled by their simplicity, these workouts pack a punch.

So, ignore the fact that you feel like you’re back in 5th grade gym, get on your hands and knees, and let’s get started. 

The Bear Crawl Workout

To do this bear crawl workout, make sure you have plenty of space to crawl around in. The farther you have to crawl, the easier accomplishing this workout with good form will be. 

Now, get on all fours. 

Press into your hands, letting your shoulders roll down your back. 

Next, engage your core; closing your ribcage and pulling your belly button to spine. 

Finally, tuck your toes and lift your knees one inch off the ground. 

Don’t let your booty shoot up toward the ceiling! Instead, Imagine someone has rested a tea set on your back and you don’t want it to fall to the ground and shatter!

Now, maintaining this position crawl around the room in every direction (forward, backward, side to side) until you’ve reached 200 “steps.”



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Up the Ante

Doing 200 steps in a bear crawl position will certainly get your muscles and heart pumping. Especially if you remember to keep your core engaged the entire time. 

However, you might find that you want to do a little more.

If this is the case, take a two minute rest after your first round of 200 steps and then, begin again. 

Add as many sets as you like-but only do as many as you can maintain good form for. (Good form means that the knees don’t float up above that one inch hover, your back doesn’t start to sag toward the ground, and you don’t start to sink into your shoulders.)

I should warn you, doing more than 4 sets might lead to noodle arms and legs and a very sore core. 

It’s as simple as that! Who knew crawling around on the floor could be such a good workout?

And If you’re looking to make it even more challenging, try adding a resistance band above your knees!


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