Training Tip Tuesday: Three Point Row

The three point row is one of those exercises that looks simple enough, but it’s easy to cheat your form. 

That’s why today’s training tip Tuesday is breaking down exactly how to set up and perform the three point row so you can get the most out of your lifting session. 

Shall we dive in?

Setting Up

For this exercise you’ll need a chair, bench or box that’s low enough to give you a hinge in your hips, but not so low that your shoulders would be lower than your hips.  

Set your weight on the floor next to the bench so you’ll be able to easily pick it up once you’re in position. 

How to Three Point Row

Now that you have your bench, hinge your hips (like you’re about to deadlift) and place your hand on the bench.

Ideally this hand is directly underneath your shoulder, though slightly for ward is okay if needed. Just make sure your hand doesn’t go so far forward that you’re tempted to arch your back!

In this bent over position, abs should be knitted together and supporting a strong stable spine. Your hips should be even  and you should think about lengthening long out of the top of your head. 

Next, pick up your weight. Once the weight is in your hands, roll your shoulder down and back, engaging your lats to stabilize the working side of your body. Don’t let that weight pull your shoulder down and forward- use those back muscles!

Finally, keeping your elbow close to your body, pull your hand back toward your hip to row the weight. You should feel those lats engaging to pull the weight. 

As you row, keep your body completely still.

Just like birddogs, three point rows work your stabilizers as much as the muscle group performing the action. So, don’t let your working shoulder twist your body open, and don’t let those hips get involved!

Remember, it’s okay to go down in weight if you over estimated! Three point rows are challenging when performed with excellent form. Take your time getting stronger!

If you’d like to see a form video, check out this how-to from Coach Kierstin!

And there you have it! Everything you need to know about the three point row! 


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