Workout Wednesday: A Circuit Workout

A circuit workout is a great way to simultaneously build strength and increase your cardiorespiratory fitness.

Circuit workouts are also a great way to pack a lot into one workout as they call for less rest time as you move through your exercises. 

Today we have a killer circuit workout for you. Five exercises, completely scalable, with a 60 second rest time between circuits. 

Grab a water bottle and a towel; this one is bound to be sweaty!

Today’s Circuit Workout



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Pull-ups x10

We are starting this circuit workout off strong with pull-ups.

You can perform these with a band for assistance or use a pull-up machine that offers assistance- whatever is the best option for where you are in your pull-up journey. 

You can perform these with a traditional grip, or, bring your elbows forward and parallel with one another to perform neutral grip pull ups. The choice is completely up to you. 

Engage your core, activate your lats, and with control, perform 10 pull-ups. 

*After your reps, immediately move on to the next exercise.*

 Reverse Lunges x12/side

Grab yourself a challenging weight (either one dumbbell in each hand or a kettlebell in a goblet hold).

Stand with your feet hip width apart. 

Lengthen your spine and brace your core. 

Then, step backward into a lunge. 

To return to standing, drive through your front heel and bring the feet together. 

Switch legs. 

Continue switching until you’ve performed 12 reps per side. 

*Once reps are completed, immediately move on to the next exercise.*

Push-ups x15

Next up in our circuit workout is push-ups. Now, if you’ve always struggled with push-ups, and you often find yourself with very little range of motion, I want you to pause and read this form breakdown

Choose any of the modifications in the above form break down to accomplish these. 

And hey, if halfway through your set you need to make a modification, that’s okay! We want as solid form as possible through this circuit workout.

So choose something challenging but sustainable.

*Once you’ve completed 15 reps, immediately move on to the next exercise.*

Single-leg Hip Thrusts x20/side

We are almost done with our first circuit!

If you don’t have a bench handy, feel free to adapt this by doing single-leg bridges on the floor!

Lean against a bench or block so your sports bra line is on the edge of the bench/block. 

Legs should be around 90 degrees when tush is lifted and engaged. 

Focus your eyes on your belly button and brace your core, by knitting those ribs together. 

Lower your hips toward the ground and place a barbell or dumbbells on your hips. (Choose a challenging weight!) 

Lift one leg off the ground and without letting your hips tip, exhale and lift your hips toward the ceiling. Again, keep your focus on your belly button. 

Slowly lower your hips down, keeping your leg lifted.

During this exercise don’t let your hips tip from side to side!

*Perform 20 reps per side, then move on to the final exercise in the circuit.*

Stir the Pot Planks x8/side

You’ve heard of planks, but stir the pot planks bring them to a whole new level!

Put yourself in a plank position on your forearms. Ribcage and hip bones are pulling toward each other, tush is in line with shoulders and engaged, shoulders are pressing down and back.

Now, imagine your hip joint is cemented in this extended position. 

Using your lower abdominals, move your hips in an circle: right, forward, left, and up.

Careful not to arch your lower back or hinge in your hips on the “forward” and “up” portions of the circle!

Instead, think of contracting your lower abdominals to control your hips. And don’t let yourself sink into your shoulders as you get tired!

Each “circle” is one rep. 

*Perform 8 reps in each direction, then take a 60 second rest.*


Completing the Workout

To complete today’s circuit workout, perform anywhere between 3-5 rounds dependent on how much time you have. 

I guarantee you this workout will have you a bit wobbly the next day!

Besides, who doesn’t love a workout that gives you cardio benefits without technically doing cardio?!



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