Dear Diary, A Week Of Auditions

Last week was wild.

It started with a self-tape audition request for RENT that was due by noon.

Then, that afternoon, I headed straight into a three-hour pre-production session with the choreographer that I assist, followed immediately by an acting class in Manhattan.

Tuesday was lighter, just a three-hour pre-production session. But Wednesday was full: two and a half hours of pre-production, followed by a dance audition for Tuacahn’s summer season.

That’s about when I decided I’d better do an Epsom soak if I were going to make it to the end of the week.

Honestly, that bath was clutch. 

Thursday, things really went off the rails.

I woke up early, got pretty, and headed into Pearl Studios 519.

Honestly, I only planned on one dance audition that day; it was for Frozen, and at first, I was stressed.

The dance audition was at 11:30, and, despite packing my morning with protein, I didn’t plan the timing of my breakfast well.

I walked into the room and felt my stomach growl.

“Great, just what I need.”

After a few rounds of definitely not getting it, I finally stopped, took a deep breath, and thought,

“Jordan, this is VERY in your wheelhouse. Focus up. You’ll be angry if you don’t.”

So I took a deep breath and focused on the parts that were tripping me up…and guess what? I did it! In fact, I nailed it.

After I sang for them, I decided to walk across the street to see what was happening at  the Moulin Rouge dance audition.

Miraculously a person had canceled, and they had one singular appointment time for me at 3:20. I snagged it.

While I was waiting, I realized Flat Rock Theatre was having its singers ECC. I decided to drop off my headshot with a note for the team, but when I got there, the holding room was empty, and I walked directly into the audition room instead.

I KNOW– as I said, it was WILD. And finally, I finished out on Friday with a day of filming all of the pre-pro work we’d been doing. Then, like a blur, it was over.

I could rest for a couple of days. 

What’s crazy is, despite it being one of my busiest weeks this year, I wasn’t tired. I mean, obviously, my body needed rest, but I wasn’t tired.  I realized that everything I did that week aligned with how I wanted to spend my time. You know that song from Tick Tick Boom!?

“Hey, what a way to spend a day…”

That’s how I felt each night as I slid into my Epsom bath. I spent my days doing things that filled me up; dancing, singing, and performing (Yes, auditioning IS performing). And I know it was a privilege to have a week where I made my money doing pre-production work instead of passing hors d’oeuvres. But what would my life look like if I made more time for these things that filled me up and stopped hustling so hard to balance four side jobs, dance classes, a training program, acting classes, voice lessons, and auditions?

Is that even financially sustainable? The truth is, I’m not sure. I’ve always thought the “jump and a net will appear” quote was for people with backup parachutes. But if I can be that busy and feel so full at the same time, why not give it a try? Or, maybe a better question is:

“How can I add in more things that fill me up and still make sure I am being financially wise?” 

Maybe that’s a question for another day.

For now, I will take it one step at a time and enjoy the feeling of being exhausted from doing things that bring me joy.  

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