Turkey Legs: A Five Minute Holiday Workout

Happy Holidays! It’s that time of year again and it’s no surprise to anyone that gym time can be a struggle when traveling or celebrating the holidays. But a holiday workout not only does wonders for the digestion of those big meals, but goes a long way toward maintaining your progress during the holidays. 

So, while your pie is baking and your turkey is roasting, give this five minute holiday workout a try.


Turkey Time!

For this holiday workout, you’ll perform each of these exercises consecutively, rest for thirty seconds, then repeat for three total rounds. 

Woof! Don’t forget to breath!

Curtsy Lunge, 20 each leg

Starting us off strong is the curtsy lunge. To perform this move instead of lunging backwards, as you would in a reverse lunge, cross your leg behind your front leg, and curtsy down. (Unlike a real curtsy, don’t bow! Keep your chest lifted.)

Complete twenty reps on each leg. Then move on to the next exercise immediately.

Quadruped Hip Rainbow, 20 each leg

For this exercise, get on all fours. Brace your core and let your shoulder blades glide down your back so your spine is supported. Then, extend one leg behind you. Maintaining your core,  lift your leg  to draw a rainbow up and over (behind you) with your toes, back and forth. 

*Tip: Make sure to keep your hips even while you “rainbow” for full core engagement.*

Repeat for twenty reps on each leg before moving on to the next exercise. 

Frog Pump 30

For the Frog Pump, lay on your back and press the bottoms of your feet together letting your knees fall open. In this position, brace your core and close your ribcage. Then, using your glutes and lower abdominals, curl your pelvis to the ceiling. 

Repeat for thirty reps. 

Squat Pulse 30

Talk about time under tension, we’ve got an isometric hold with a pulse!

For the squat pulse, go about three quarters of the way into your squat. From here perform thirty small upward pulses. 

*Tip: make sure your knees stay over your toes and don’t drift into a knock-kneed position.*

Quadruped Fire Hydrant 20 each leg

For our final holiday workout exercise we have the Quadruped Fire Hydrant.

This exercise is performed exactly how it sounds. Get on all fours, again bracing your core and letting your shoulder blades glide down your back. 

Then, maintaining your core, lift your leg as a dog utilizing a fire hydrant. Return to all fours. 

Repeat for twenty reps on each leg!

Circle back!

Once you’ve complete each of these exercises, rest for thirty seconds before circling back to the top for round two!

You’ll complete three total rounds of these exercises to complete the workout.



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And just like that you’ve complete the five minute holiday workout. It’s sure to keep you from feeling like a couch potato this holiday season! 

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