A Full Body Thirty Minute Workout (A.K.A. Perfection!)

Sometimes an hour at the gym is just not possible-especially when you factor in time for a post-workout shower! That’s why we’ve made this thirty minute workout. Because longer is not necessarily better, especially when your workouts are focused and purposeful. 

So, give this full body, thirty minute workout a try and get in and out of the gym efficiently. (Without sacrificing any quality!) 


Dumbbell Glute Bridge 3 x 20

Kicking off this thirty minute workout is the glute bridge.

To set up, grab a dumbbell and lay down on your back with your knees bent. Rest the dumbbell on your hips and, using your glutes and lower abdominals, slowly curl your pelvis up toward the ceiling until you are in a bridge position. Then, slowly roll through your spine to return your pelvis to the floor. Repeat for twenty reps. Three sets. 

**Rest between sets: 1-2min**



One of the easiest ways to challenge yourself during a short workout is super-setting! So, of course, during this thirty minute workout we are going to utilize two super sets!

What’s a superset? It’s simple really.

All “superset” means is that you will perform set 1 of exercise a,  then  immediately do set 1 of exercise b. After you’ve done a full set of each exercise, you will take your rest period. 

Supersets 1

Push-up 3x 12

The first exercise in our superset is push-ups!

Now, if you’re sitting here thinking, “I can’t do 12 strict push-ups.” That’s okay!

Start by modifying them; do them from your knees or with a wide foot placement. 

Push-ups can be challenging, so if you’re in pain, or unsure of your form, check out this quick reference for perfect push-ups!

You’ll do twelve reps of whatever modification of push-up suits your level, then immediately move on to the band pull apart. 

Band Pull Apart 3x 12

For this exercise, grab a light to medium band. We are targeting our back!

Grab the band in each hand and raise your arms so the band is parallel with your chest.

Keep your shoulders down and ribcage closed!

On an exhale, slowly pull your hands away from each other.  Then, with control, slowly bring your hands back in front of you. 

Repeat for twelve reps. Then, take a 1-2 minute rest before returning to push-ups. 

Superset 2

You’re almost done with your thirty minute workout! Are you feeling tired yet? Push yourself to finish strong; you’re almost there!

Dumbbell Single leg box squat 3x 10/side

For the dumbbell single leg box squat, you’ll want a medium weight dumbbell and either a bench or box. 

Stand in front of the bench, holding the dumbbell close to your chest. Extend one leg in front of you, and slowly perform a single leg squat until your tush gently touches the box. Press through your heel to return to standing. 

Repeat for ten reps on each side, then immediately move on to dumbbell single leg RDLs. 

Dumbbell single leg RDL 3x 10/side

For the single leg RDL stand with one leg slightly behind the other, with the weight in the same hand as the back leg. Then, slowly hinge from the hips, allowing the back leg to lift while the standing knee stays over the ankle. The weight should slowly skim your shin. Then, press your hips forward to return to standing. 

Repeat for ten reps on each side, then rest for 1-2 minutes before returning to single leg box squats. 

Not sure about your single leg RDL form? Check out this video for a quick reference!

Annnnd Done!

And just like that your thirty minute workout is complete! How do you feel? My guess is those muscles are pretty gassed!

If you liked this workout, tune into the dancers who lift blog every Wednesday for a new workout!

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