Lucky Number Seven: A Full-Body Workout Routine

Welcome back to another Workout Wednesday! Today we are going to really get after it with this Lucky Number Seven full-body workout routine. 

Don’t be fooled by the number of reps per set! By the end of this workout you will have totaled 252 reps with just three, thirty-second rests. 😮‍💨

Ready to feel the burn?



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Lucky Number Seven Full-Body Workout Routine

90* Squat Jumps x 7 

First up in our full-body workout routine are 90-degree squat jumps. 

To perform these, being by lowering your body into a squat. (Double check your squat form here!) 

Then, pushing through your heels, push off the ground into a jump. While in the air, turn your body 90-degrees so you land facing the opposite direction. 

** Repeat for seven reps, then move on to the next exercise.**

Lateral Lunges x 7 (each side)

Start by standing with your feet together. Then, step directly to the side and lunge onto your leg, keeping your chest lifted and core engaged. 

Push off of your lunge leg to return to standing. Repeat on the other side. 

For this exercise you can either count left and right as one rep for a total of 7 reps. 


You can sound each leg individually for a total of 14 reps. 

**Once you’ve completed your reps, immediately move onto the next exercise.**

Hand Walkouts x 7

At this point in our full-body workout routine  we are giving our legs and break and moving on to the core and upper body!

From a standing position, roll down your spine until your hands reach the floor. (You may bend your knees if you need to!) Then, walk your hands out until you reach a plank position. 

Finally walk your hands all the way back to your feet and return to standing. 

**Repeat for 7 reps then, move on to the next exercise.**

Thai-Push Ups x7 (each side)

No, not Muay Thai push-ups. (We’re not that mean!)

For these Thai push-ups you’ll perform a regular push-up, then, at the top of the push-up, rotate your body to your ride side, lifting your right arm off the ground and reaching it toward the ceiling into a side plank. 

Then, return to your push-up form. From here, you’ll perform another push-up and repeat the exercise on the other side. 

Like the lateral lunges you may count left and right as one rep for a total of 7, or you can count each side separately for a total of 14.

**Whichever way you count your reps, once completed move on immediately to the next exercise.**

Russian Twists x7 (each side – 14 total)

We are officially halfway through our full-body workout routine! Keep going strong!

Begin by sitting up with your  knees bent, feet on the floor. Make sure your spine is long and your core is braced. 

Then, engage your lower abdominals to lift your feet off the ground. (They don’t have to be super high to feel this one!)

In this position, twist your upper body to one side, reaching your hands in that direction. Try not to move your feet or legs as you do this! The more you isolate your obliques, the more you’ll get from this exercise. 

Quickly switch to the other side. Switch back and forth for a total of 14 reps. 

**When complete, move on to the next exercise.**

Shoulder Taps x7 (each side)

Alright! How are you feeling? You’re almost there!

Get yourself into a plank position with your weight on your hands. Make sure to brace your core, keeping your hips low and shoulders gliding gently down your back.

Now, tap your right hand to your left shoulder and try not to let your hips twist! Then, switch sides. 

**Repeat for a total of 14 reps, or 7 reps on each side, then move on to single-leg glute bridges.**

Single-Leg Glute Bridges x7 (each side)

Lay on your back with your knees bent. Ideally, your heels should be close enough to your tush that you can just barely touch them with the tips of your fingers. 

In this position, brace your core and lift one leg off the floor so your shin is parallel to the ceiling.

Then, pulling your pelvis toward your knees, lift your hips up toward the ceiling as high as you can without arching your back.

Repeat for 7 reps then switch sides!

**Once complete on each side, move on to FINAL exercise!**

V-sit or V-tuck x 7

You made it to the final exercise in our full-body workout routine!

Lay flat on your back and brace your core. 

In one movement, lift your chest and shins toward the ceiling by scooping your abs back and up toward your spine. Arms should reach forward but not round the shoulders. (Keep those collarbones wide!)

For a v-sit legs will be relatively straight.

If this is too challenging or push too much pressure on your tailbone, you can perform the v-tuck by pulling your knees toward your chest as you sit up. 

**Once these reps are complete rest for 30 seconds before starting the routine over again!)

Finish it out!

To complete this full-body workout routine, perform the above set of exercises three times! 

Come on, I know you can do it! And when you do, let us know how it goes!


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